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Primary Care


Supporting busy Primary Care teams to deliver improved patient outcomes 

Radar Healthcare’s integrated risk management system has been developed to help busy teams like yours work more efficiently.

Our software enables you to seamlessly move from manual paper-based processes to digital ways of working, reducing the risk of human error and allowing you to ultimately improve safety.

Enjoy connected working by removing disparate systems and bringing together different locations and teams into one place. This reveals real-time insights which you can share, helping you work towards improved patient outcomes together.

We know that much of your time is spent balancing day-to-day tasks with longer term priorities. Let our simple-to-use software give you and your team back the time and headspace you need to deliver excellent care.

“We had to make sure everyone had the right information they needed, and there was only one way we were going to do that; Radar Healthcare”
– Malling Health

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  • Work more efficiently

  • Easily share learning across teams

  • Manage complaints and incidents effectively

  • Improve policy compliance

  • Be ready for regulatory inspection

  • Improve communication and collaboration

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