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Case Study: Together Dental

Together Dental is one of the most innovative and high-growth dental businessesTogether Dental in the UK, with 36 well-established dental practices across the country and over 450 experienced employees. They pride themselves on their ability to offer affordable high-quality dental care for all through both NHS and private services.

Kim Rossiter, Head of Compliance, recently spoke to us about how Radar Healthcare’s software has helped Together Dental centralise all its compliance and clinical processes and how this has benefited their business and the service that they provide.

Summary of main successes:

  • Previously Together Dental had limited to no visibility of the different practices’ compliance, now they are able to see and access all their compliance processes in one central location.
  • Together Dental are now achieving their target percentage of 75-90% on 9 out of 10 compliance audits.
  • The ability to consolidate all quality and compliance processes digitally has not only allowed them to monitor audits more efficiently and remotely, but also promote continuous improvement throughout the whole organisation.

“Radar Healthcare offers not only a customisable and great solution for us but also good and accessible customer support. Our Project Manager frequently and freely shares ideas to help improve outcomes and encourage the use of the portal.”

Kim Rossiter, Head of Compliance at Together Dental

Finding the perfect solution  

Previously Together Dental had limited to no visibility of the different practices’ compliance. Employees travelled to every site to do checks and the process was extremely time-consuming and sometimes inconsistent. Kim also expressed that there was no accountability and structure as well as no visibility, so the need for a flexible solution was essential.

Radar Healthcare offered a solution that allowed them to consolidate all their quality and compliance processes, promote continuous improvement, and monitor audits more efficiently and remotely.

“The main reason why we chose to implement Radar Healthcare was so that we could personalise our compliance processes. We wanted to build our own package based on what suits our business, rather than a pre-paid package that doesn’t actually fit into the business. We looked at other solutions but they didn’t tick all our boxes as Radar Healthcare did.”

Kim Rossiter, Head of Compliance at Together Dental

Seeing the benefits and hitting targets

Since implementing Radar Healthcare, Together Dental has made use of many of our modules in order to improve their service and increase business-wide practices and safety for both their customers and employees.

Our auditing, incident and event managementdocument management, and workforce compliance modules, alongside the analytics module, allow Together Dental full insight into its compliance processes, as well as a clearer understanding of performance within each area.

“The scheduled tasks module helps us, as a multi-practice and growing business, to monitor the health and safety of all the practices. It helps ensure that everyone is compliant with health and safety, improving the service we provide to our customers. We also find it extremely useful that the documents module and the notices module can be used in conjunction, providing us with a better view of our compliance policies - again working towards increasing the safety of our practices.”

Kim Rossiter, Head of Compliance at Together Dental

Together Dental

Sarah Adams, Senior Project Manager at Radar Healthcare, works closely with Kim and the rest of the Together Dental team to support and drive better business outcomes as well as hit targets. Prior to Radar Healthcare, Together Dental was hitting around 75% on all compliance audits. One of Kim’s KPIs was to achieve above this on all compliance audits.  Since using Radar Healthcare’s advanced auditing tool the business is now achieving between 75%-90% on 9 out of 10 audits.

“Kim said she wanted to increase Together Dental's overall compliance and a key measurement for this would be hitting between 75%-90% on every compliance audit. I'm pleased to say that on the 26th of May Together Dental had completed 10 compliance audits and all of them except 1, where the Practice Manager had changed, were well within that 75-90% zone which is a huge improvement and achievement.”

Sarah Adams, Senior Project Manager at Radar Healthcare

Radar Healthcare training day at Together Dental

Together Dental consider their group to be like a family, in which each employee is treated with care and respect. All of their team benefit from their ongoing training and development programmes, ensuring that their patients receive the best possible service and that their staff is valued and supported.

Recently we were invited to attend one of their training days in which small groups received additional training on the various compliance and clinical techniques and methods that they use – including Radar Healthcare.

“We believe in training and developing our team to be the best they can be. We provide monthly training sessions covering different topics. We have had numerous training days on Radar Healthcare since introducing the system. We have found that dedicating time to offer additional training, for those that need or want it, provides and encourages better use of the system. It also offers opportunity for our team to provide feedback on how we use the system so it encourages collaboration too. The training day was a success and tasks are being completed in a more timely manner.”

Kim Rossiter, Head of Compliance at Together Dental

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