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Healthcare Audit Management Software

Revolutionise your audits with Radar Healthcare’s Audit Management Software

Our Audit Management Software aims to make auditing easier and more valuable for health and social care professionals. Drive continuous improvement, maximise efficiencies, and reduce time spent on admin by centralising your audits digitally with Radar Healthcare.

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    Over 95,000 users and counting

    What are the benefits?

    • Access anytime, anywhere and on the go
    • Action better and safer outcomes during and after an audit
    • More time and resources to focus on what really matters
    • Flexibility to build audits based on individual needs
    • Improved efficiencies and oversight
    • Boost performance and regulatory ratings

    If you’re looking to drive continuous improvement, try our Audit Management Software today

    Discover our Audits module

    Many of our partners are already loving our Audits module. Understand how our flexible solution can support you and your teams so that you have more time to focus on what's really important.

    What makes our Audits module different?

    An audit tool built with our partners, for our partners

    We are passionate about combining digital innovation with hands-on experience and, therefore, always encourage partner engagement, to better understand how to support health and social care organisations to achieve safer outcomes. Our audit software is no different – and has been made with our partners, for our partners.

    Tailor the types of audits you build

    Start configuring questions and responses to better suit the needs of your organisation. Choose everything from flexible scheduling to tailored scoring thresholds, and integrate your business processes and action plans to drive continuous improvement through our audit module.

    No internet? No problem

    Radar Healthcare’s Audits module allows for seamless on and offline working, making it easier and quicker to access and complete audits, anytime and anywhere, so no need to worry about signal or internet connection.

    Flexible to fit you

    We understand that every organisation is unique, and that’s why our product is designed to be flexible and adaptable. Whether you operate residential care homes across multiple locations or you’re an NHS Trust focused on risk, our quality and compliance management software can be tailored to your specific requirements. Find everything from audits, incident management, risk management and more, underpinned by our AI-driven analytics.


    Every Radar Healthcare customer can access Analytics, Action Plans and Notices as standard.

    • Analytics and Reporting
      Analytics and Reporting
    • Action and Improvement Plans
      Action and Improvement Plans
    • Notices


    Add-on our additional modules to build the ideal solution for your organisation.

    • Incident Management
      Incident Management
    • Audit Management
      Audit Management
    • Document Management
      Document Management
    • Risk Management
      Risk Management
    • Workforce Compliance
      Workforce Compliance

    Audit Management features

    Custom your response types

    You can easily create bespoke audits with set or customised responses. Choose from a series of pre-set responses such as: Yes/No, Pass/Fail/N.A, Completed/In progress/Not started… or create your own.

    Access anytime, anywhere and on the go

    Radar Healthcare’s mobile-ready and remote software means your workforce can use it wherever they may be with real-time access to information. No internet or signal? Not a problem – our audits work offline and then all data is synced once you gain a signal.

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    Audit by role

    When scheduling audits, choose to assign an audit to a role, instead of having to know a specific person to assign the audit to. Easily share audits among your team – empower your workforce, embed a culture of collaboration, and shared responsibility.

    Preview and build your audits

    Build out your various audits specific to your organisation using our user-friendly, drag-and-drop interface. Preview the form and check how this will look for your team as you’re building it. You can ensure your audits are clear and easy for all to complete.

    Schedule audits across different locations

    Schedule recurring or one-off audits with ease. Audits can be set to repeat by day, week, month or year. Set recurring audits to measure trends. Separating the schedule from the audits allows the same audit to be scheduled at different stages across locations.

    Never miss an upcoming audit

    With the ability to determine a pending period, you can set a timeframe prior to an audit’s due date, where the audit will be visible on your assignee’s dashboard – giving them plenty of notice of upcoming audits. An email will also be sent to alert them.

    Mandatory actions

    Make sure you are capturing the right information and data at the right time. Apply mandatory actions per question so nothing important is missed, for example; you can give the option to add additional information, attach evidence, or create an action.

    Comprehensive audits in one place

    No more losing bits of evidence or information essential to audits. Simply attach any relevant photos, evidence, and commentary to your audits so it’s all kept in one easy to access place. Every change has a timestamp and a record of who made the change.

    Radar Healthcare Analytics

    State of the art Analytics

    Easily spot trends in performance through Radar Healthcare’s user-friendly Analytics Module. Enjoy analytics incorporated with smart KPIs, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. Uncover patterns you might otherwise miss and aid your continuous improvement.

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    Organise and evidence audits

    View a list of all your audits which can be sorted, filtered, progress monitored, and completed. Easily evidence to inspectors (such as CQC) that regular audits have been completed without sifting through endless paperwork or spreadsheets.

    Robust Workflows

    Our Audit Management Software includes advanced workflow capabilities to streamline the entire audit process. Easily configure workflows to automate task assignments, approvals, and notifications, ensuring that audits are completed efficiently and on time.

    Pre-built or build-your-own custom audits

    Create everything from CQC audits, NHS clinical audits, medical audits, infection control audits, NICE audits, CAS audits, HMICRFS audits and much more. Choose as many as you need and complete them locally or nationally.

    Audit Management FAQs

    Audit management software is designed to manage the entire audit lifecycle from planning and scheduling to execution and follow-up.

    In the health and social care sector, it helps organisations maintain compliance with stringent healthcare regulations, ensures thorough documentation of patient and resident care processes, and provides valuable insights through advanced analytics. This software supports various healthcare-specific audits, such as clinical audits, regulatory compliance checks, and internal quality assessments, thereby improving patient safety, care quality, and operational efficiency.

    Our Audits module benefits healthcare providers by automating audit processes, improving compliance with healthcare standards, enhancing data accuracy, and providing actionable insights for continuous improvement.

    Discover how our software supports these sectors:

    👨‍⚕️ Primary Care
    🏥 NHS and Secondary Care
    🏡 Care Homes
    👵 Care Groups
    🦷 Dentistry
    🚑 Ambulance and Patient Transport
    🥼 Integrated Care Systems
    😷 Private Hospital


    Yes, our Audit Software can be customised to suit various types of audits, including clinical, operational, and compliance audits, ensuring it meets the specific needs of different health and social care organisations.

    Our software allows users to conduct audits without an internet connection. Data is stored locally and then synced with the central system once connectivity is restored, ensuring no data is lost.

    Our software includes comprehensive analytics features such as real-time dashboards, trend analysis, compliance tracking, and detailed reporting, which help in making data-driven decisions and improving audit outcomes.

    Audit insights and resources