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Radar Healthcare’s quality and compliance software

Radar Healthcare brings you our award-winning healthcare software for managing your risk, quality and compliance processes.

Radar Healthcare enables real healthcare teams to establish their own personal compliance needs and goals and build, monitor, and develop them into one centralised area. This not only provides teams with better oversight of operational performance but increases organisational collaboration, communication, and learning.

How we help healthcare organisations

We believe in making a difference. Understanding the day-to-day pressures and challenges faced by health and social care professionals is essential, which is why our customer-focused product offers a wide range of modules to suit a variety of individual business objectives.

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    A little bit about Radar Healthcare

    All our modules have been developed by experts to support staff throughout their day-to-day duties, that’s why they are designed to be interconnectable and work together to give better visibility and oversight of all quality and compliance processes from start to finish.  

    By cleverly linking certain modules, like audits and improvement and action plans, you can rest assured that follow-up quality improvement processes are in place to help you reach the highest regulatory rating, enhance safety outcomes, and improve care experiences.  

    Committed to true partnership, our risk, quality and compliance software exists to deliver the best possible outcomes for health and social care organisations, which is why we are constantly evolving our product and service to stay on top of the latest requirements and needs of our partners. 

    We’re here to help make healthcare safer.  


    Discover our product modules

    Our product can be broken down into eight main areas, all of which work together to seamlessly improve outcomes, safety, efficiencies, and processes:

    Radar Healthcare Incident Management SystemRadar Healthcare Audit Management SoftwareRadar Healthcare Workforce Compliance SoftwareRadar Healthcare Action and Improvement PlansRadar Healthcare Document Management SoftwareRadar Healthcare Risk Management SoftwareRadar Healthcare Business Compliance SoftwareRadar Healthcare Analytics and Reporting Software

    Incident Reporting

    Better ‘report and act’ on incidents and events

    Radar Healthcare Incident Management Solution
    Incidents and Events give you the tools to not only centralise, resolve, and digitally enhance events, but also learn from them. Our Incident and Event management software allows you to digitise your processes and standard operating procedures into one system. Automating workflows reduces errors and ensures that all relevant people are notified, and standardised behaviours are followed.

    Explore Incidents
    Radar Healthcare Incident Reporting System

    Audit Management

    Make auditing easier and more valuable

    Radar Healthcare Audit Management Solution
    Radar Healthcare helps make Auditing easier and quicker. Within our system, you are able to evidence good governance and assurance by creating, scheduling, and assigning ownership of all your audits. Teams are able to create their own or choose from a selection of our pre-built audits, as well as keep track of status and progress.

    Explore Audits
    Radar Healthcare Audits Dashboard

    Workforce Compliance

    Better understand your workforce’s needs

    Radar Healthcare Workforce Compliance Module
    Workforce Compliance is there to support workers, managers, and teams to understand individual needs. It gives oversight of appraisals, training, knowledge, and competency. Radar Healthcare helps to ensure that your staff are always following proper protocol, feel supported in their roles, and are able to evidence compliance at the click of a button, making workforce management more manageable.

    Explore Workforce Compliance
    Radar Healthcare Workforce Compliance Module

    Action and Improvement Plans

    Encourage continuous improvement

    Radar Healthcare Action Plan Module
    Radar Healthcare is dedicated to driving quality improvement. That’s why our fully integrated Action and Improvement Plans ensure that any poor performance at a local or organisational level is quickly identified, managed, and tracked.

    Explore Action Plans
    Radar Healthcare Action Plans Software

    Document Management

    Easily access, store and manage documents

    Radar Healthcare Document Management Module
    Document Management removes the need to work across multiple paper-based documents. Our system allows teams to manage all types of documents and policies digitally for increased visibility and accessibility. With our scheduling function, you can update policies, trigger notifications, and schedule document reviews periodically to make sure everything is up-to-date and compliant.

    Explore Document Management
    Radar Healthcare Document Management Module

    Risk Management

    Reduce risks and improve care quality

    Radar Healthcare Document Management Module
    Radar Healthcare’s Risk Management software allows healthcare professionals and teams to identify, track and manage issues that could threaten your business model and prevent you from delivering high-quality care. Logging and tracking your organisations’ risk controls to evidence how risks are being mitigated are easily achieved through this module.

    Explore Risk Management
    Radar Healthcare Risk Register Software

    Business Compliance

    Track and manage location based tasks and recurring checks

    Radar Healthcare Business Compliance Module

    Use our Business Compliance module to track and manage location-based tasks and recurring checks. Manage and log any type of important business compliance-related activity, from building and equipment inspections to fire alarm tests and other organisational protocols.

    Never miss a deadline with Radar Healthcare’s scheduling function that ensures tasks are automatically assigned to the right people for the next occurrence.

    Explore Business Compliance
    Radar Healthcare Business Compliance Module

    Intelligent Analytics

    Easily make data-driven decisions

    Radar Healthcare Analytics Module

    Organisational learning is essential for continuous improvement. Our innovative and AI-powered Analytics function allows health and social care organisations to reach the highest levels of compliance rating, by helping them to make real-time data-driven decisions and ensuring that company performance is always up-to-date, monitored, and improved.

    Explore Analytics
    Radar Healthcare Analytics Dashboard


    Gain assurance your teams have read important information

    Radar Healthcare Notices Module

    With Notices, you can send out key organisational alerts, updates and documentation through Radar Healthcare, and track if they have been read or not by your colleagues. This means that not only do you have the assurance that teams have seen the latest important information, but also the evidence to back this up.

    Explore Notices
    Radar Healthcare Notices Dashboard

    Benefits of Radar Healthcare - not just a piece of software

    • Flexible and configurable

      Unlike other providers, Radar Healthcare is completely flexible and we’ll never ask you to change your processes. We’ll take your way of working and digitise it.

    • Role based approach

      With everything on Radar Healthcare accessible through roles, you can create a culture of ownership and standardised behaviours. Everything is assigned with full audit trails, so you can be sure nothing is missed.

    • Accessible on any device, anywhere

      Radar Healthcare is completely device agnostic, meaning you can access this wherever you are. You’ll be able to complete audits at different locations, even without Wi-Fi and it’ll automatically update once you’re back online. Plus, the system is completely secure and cloud based.

    • Onboarding support

      The implementation of Radar Healthcare is about much more than a new piece of software – we want to help you embed a culture of quality and compliance in your organisation and support you to ensure a smooth transition to this new way of working.

    • Training (Radar Healthcare Academy)

      We’ve designed a range of training sessions, delivered by our Radar Healthcare Academy team who know and understand the software inside out and can support your users to get the most out of it.

    • Online resources

      A dedicated online resource for ongoing support.

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    Radar Healthcare FAQs

    Radar Healthcare is uniquely flexible to support quality, compliance and risk management in all areas of health and social care.

    Our customers include large NHS Trusts and privately run multi-service organisations, to those with a handful of services or even just one, both in the UK and beyond.

    Find out more about how we support these sectors:

    Primary Care

    Secondary Care

    Integrated Care Systems and Boards

    Residential, Nursing and Community Care

    Care Groups

    Private Hospitals

    Ambulance and Patient Transport Services


    Domiciliary Care

    Radar Healthcare is made up of modules so you can pick and choose which you want, and therefore only pay for what you need. Use our interactive tool to build your ideal plan today and we’ll provide you with a personalised quote.

    Build your plan

    Radar Healthcare can save your organisation both time and money, as well as help drive improvements. Because our software is a single solution for quality, compliance, and risk, you may find that we can replace more than one of your current systems. For example, Four Seasons Health Care used Radar Healthcare to replace 3 existing quality and assurance systems, and Sanctuary Care moved from 8 non-linking systems to Radar Healthcare, which is one system where everything links. Additionally, by streamlining processes and automating tasks, Radar Healthcare frees up resources and allows staff to focus on what really matters, ultimately saving time and increasing efficiency.


    Radar Healthcare provides a central dashboard which integrates all modules in one place. This makes it easy for you to see an overview of tasks or performance, as well as dig into more details. For example, you can see centralised action and improvement plans, as well as those linked to specific incidents and audits.

    We understand that events often don’t occur in silo. That’s why with Radar Healthcare you can link incidents, action plans, complaints, audits, risks and more, closing the loop between non-conformities and required improvements.

    Our software is both focused on the service-users to help deliver safe, effective and person-centred care, and built around software-users to ensure it’s simple to implement and apply in your organisation. We can provide you with a practice audit, and you can build your own audits to evidence CQC compliance. It’s easy to provide evidence in reports with the click of a button, so there’s no more searching through spreadsheets or paper documents.

    Absolutely. Radar Healthcare has been built to be flexible, configurable, and scalable, making it interoperable with many other systems you may be using. Our platform is designed to seamlessly integrate with various healthcare systems, including leading electronic health record (EHR) systems such as Cerner and Epic, as well as care management software like Nourish.

    Interoperability with these systems (and many others) ensures that your organisation can leverage Radar Healthcare’s features while still maintaining continuity with your existing infrastructure. Whether it’s exchanging data, sharing information, or coordinating workflows, Radar Healthcare can interface with your current systems to optimise operational efficiency and enhance the overall quality of care delivery.

    Absolutely. Radar Healthcare’s mobile-ready and remote software means your workforce can use it wherever they may be with real-time access to information. Whether they’re on-site or on the go, staff members can easily access the system from their smartphones, tablets, or laptops.

    No internet or signal? Not a problem – our software work offline, and then all data is synced once you gain a signal. This ensures that your team can continue their work uninterrupted, even in environments with limited connectivity. With Radar Healthcare, you can stay connected and productive, regardless of your location.

    Absolutely. Feedback is an essential part of understanding how to improve. In Radar Healthcare, it’s simple to log both compliments and complaints from staff, service users, and family members, as well as link action and improvement plans to address any concerns effectively.

    In addition to providing a straightforward way to log feedback within the Radar Healthcare platform, we provide various options to capture feedback. We can support you in embedding a custom Radar Healthcare feedback form on your organisation’s website, making it easy for visitors, service users, and family members to provide feedback directly. Furthermore, and something many of our customers do is to share QR codes around your organisation, facilitating easy capturing of feedback at various touchpoints. This ensures that feedback can be collected efficiently and conveniently, empowering your organisation to gather valuable insights for continuous improvement.

    Yes, Radar Healthcare is role-based, which means you can assign tasks and other items to staff depending on the role they have in your organisation.

    Empowerment Through Role-Based Assignments: An example of this is evident in our audits module. When scheduling audits, you have the flexibility to assign an audit to a role, rather than needing to specify a particular individual. This feature streamlines the assignment process, allowing you to easily share audits among your team members. By leveraging role-based assignments, you can empower your workforce, embed a culture of collaboration, and foster shared responsibility for quality assurance and compliance within your organisation.

    Limited Access Based on Roles: Moreover, Radar Healthcare enables you to restrict access to specific parts of the software based on roles. This ensures that users only have access to the functionalities and information relevant to their responsibilities, enhancing security and confidentiality while maintaining compliance with regulatory requirements.

    Onboarding time varies depending on a few factors, one being the size of your organisation. Speak to our team for an idea of how long it may take you.

    Learn more about onboarding Radar Healthcare

    At Radar Healthcare, we prioritise fostering strong partnerships with our customers to ensure we consistently exceed their needs and aspirations. We’re dedicated to supporting your journey every step of the way.

    Tailored Support to Meet Your Needs: With 24/7 support hours, including phone assistance from 08:00 to 21:00 Monday to Friday, and access to our out-of-hours team outside of these times, we’re always available to address your concerns promptly.

    UK-Based Support Team: Our UK-based support team is not only committed to providing timely assistance but also possesses a deep understanding of the local healthcare landscape. This ensures that we can efficiently address your unique challenges and provide tailored solutions to meet your organisation’s needs.

    Learn more about our ongoing support for our customers.