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Radar Healthcare’s quality and compliance software

There’s a reason why 96% of our customers stay with us…

Radar Healthcare brings you our award-winning healthcare software for managing your quality and compliance processes.

In one system, manage everything from incidents and action plans to audits and risk. Our analytics module uses AI and machine learning to bring all this data together and work towards improving safety and quality of care.

Don’t need every module? No problem! Personalise your plan and only pay for what you need with our interactive pricing page.

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Our product modules

  • Icon for Better 'report and act' on incidents and events

    Better 'report and act' on incidents and events

  • Icon for Make auditing easier and more valuable

    Make auditing easier and more valuable

  • Icon for Better understand your workforce’s needs

    Better understand your workforce’s needs

  • Icon for Encourage continuous improvement

    Encourage continuous improvement

  • Icon for Easily access, store and manage documents

    Easily access, store and manage documents

  • Icon for Reduce risks and improve care quality

    Reduce risks and improve care quality

  • Icon for Business Compliance

    Business Compliance

  • Icon for Easily make data-driven decisions

    Easily make data-driven decisions


Benefits of Radar Healthcare - not just a piece of software

  • Flexible and configurable

    Unlike other providers, Radar Healthcare is completely flexible and we’ll never ask you to change your processes. We’ll take your way of working and digitise it.

  • Role based approach

    With everything on Radar Healthcare accessible through roles, you can create a culture of ownership and standardised behaviours. Everything is assigned with full audit trails, so you can be sure nothing is missed.

  • Accessible on any device, anywhere

    Radar Healthcare is completely device agnostic, meaning you can access this wherever you are. You’ll be able to complete audits at different locations, even without Wi-Fi and it’ll automatically update once you’re back online. Plus, the system is completely secure and cloud based.

  • Onboarding support

    The implementation of Radar Healthcare is about much more than a new piece of software – we want to help you embed a culture of quality and compliance in your organisation and support you to ensure a smooth transition to this new way of working.

  • Training (Radar Healthcare Academy)

    We’ve designed a range of training sessions, delivered by our Radar Healthcare Academy team who know and understand the software inside out and can support your users to get the most out of it.

  • Online resources

    A dedicated online resource for ongoing support.

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