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Improve your safety and quality of care

Imagine a world where everyone in your organisation knew exactly what to do when anything occurred – and you didn’t have to train them! Where you knew when you were about to face something big, or that something was wrong.

Radar Healthcare brings you the most intelligent approach to managing quality and compliance related activity. Bringing together your many operational and often complex processes into just one system, we’ll take the worry out of managing these.

Using in-depth analytics, complete with AI and machine learning, you can easily spot trends which may have otherwise been hidden. The software will then automatically assign and create actions, so you can learn lessons, share best practice and encourage a culture of continuous improvement.

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Key benefits of Radar Healthcare

  • Flexible and configurable

    Unlike other providers, Radar Healthcare is completely flexible and we’ll never ask you to change your processes. We’ll take your way of working and digitise it.

  • Role based approach

    With everything on Radar Healthcare accessible through roles, you can create a culture of ownership and standardised behaviours. Everything is assigned with full audit trails, so you can be sure nothing is missed.

  • Accessible on any device, anywhere

    Radar Healthcare is completely device agnostic, meaning you can access this wherever you are. You’ll be able to complete clinical audits at different locations, even without Wi-Fi and it’ll automatically update once you’re back online. Plus, the system is completely secure and cloud based.

Not just a piece of software

  • Onboarding support

    The implementation of Radar Healthcare is about much more than a new piece of software – we want to help you embed a culture of quality and compliance in your organisation and support you to ensure a smooth transition to this new way of working.

  • Training (Radar Healthcare Academy)

    We’ve designed a range of training sessions, delivered by our Radar Healthcare Academy team who know and understand the software inside out and can support your users to get the most out of it.

  • Online resources

    A dedicated online resource for ongoing support.

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