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Experience Oversight Like Never Before With Radar Healthcare's Industry-First CQC Dashboards!

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Helping healthcare organisations with our solution to Quality, Care and Compliance

At Radar Healthcare, our mission is to empower healthcare organisations to deliver the highest quality of care while ensuring compliance with regulatory standards. We understand the unique challenges faced by healthcare providers, which is why our forward-thinking approach offers a comprehensive one-system solution that caters to a wide range of business needs.

How we help healthcare organisations

We work with various healthcare organisations, including Private Care, NHS, and international teams. Our user-friendly yet sophisticated system not only provides the functionality you need today but also future-proofs your organisation for tomorrow.

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    See how we help healthcare organisations thrive
    Say goodbye to paperwork, spreadsheets and flitting between systems. With Radar Healthcare you can easily access everything from one user-friendly dashboard.

    Why Choose Radar Healthcare for Risk, Quality and Compliance?

    • With years of experience in healthcare, we understand your unique needs
    • Our user-friendly solution is intuitive and easy to implement
    • Our team is committed to helping you succeed every step of the way
    • We grow with you, adapting to your changing needs

    How we help healthcare organisations to thrive

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      Regulatory Compliance Software

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      Communication and Collaboration

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      Governance and Assurance

    • Icon for Quality improvement Software

      Quality improvement Software

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      Safety and outcomes

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      Continuous Improvement Software

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      Operational Performance

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      Brand Protection


    Over 10,000 locations are already seeing the benefits of Radar Healthcare
    including 6 of the top 10 Care Groups in the UK

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    Benefits of Radar Healthcare 

    • Efficiency: Our solutions streamline processes, saving you time and resources.
    • Patient Safety: By identifying and mitigating risks, we enhance patient safety.
    • Compliance: We ensure you’re always in compliance with the latest healthcare regulations.
    • Transparency: Our tools foster a culture of transparency and accountability.
    • Data-Driven Insights: Make informed decisions based on real-time data and analytics.
    • Interoperability: Seamlessly exchange and integrate data across your healthcare systems, enhancing coordination and collaboration among different departments and stakeholders.

    Simplify your operations with Radar Healthcare

    • Streamline Quality Processes

      Our solution is designed to simplify and automate the management of quality assurance, audits, and compliance tasks. It enables healthcare providers to proactively identify and address quality issues, reducing risks and improving patient outcomes.

    • Real-time Incident Reporting

      With our Incident Management system, healthcare organisations can easily document, investigate, and analyse incidents. This promotes a culture of transparency and accountability, ultimately leading to safer and more efficient care delivery.

    • Identify and Mitigate Risks

      Our Risk Management tools help healthcare organisations identify, assess, and mitigate risks. By proactively managing risk, you can enhance patient safety, reduce adverse events, and protect your reputation.

    • Stay compliant with ease

      Our comprehensive platform consolidates service excellence documentation, continuous improvement records, and workforce compliance training documents in one location, facilitating easier evidence provision and feedback submission to the CQC.

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