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Case Study: Lakeside Healthcare

Working together to demonstrate assurance across multiple GP practices

Lakeside Healthcare


Lakeside Healthcare is a Partnership comprising eight GP Practice sites across Cambridgeshire, Northamptonshire, and Lincolnshire, with more than circa 170,000 patients and over 500 employees. They wanted a centralised governance system to record and manage compliance and demonstrate assurance across their sites.  


Collaborative working through Radar Healthcare

Kirti Vaghela, Lakeside’s Information System Manager, discussed how Radar Healthcare was implemented across the Partnership. As they became more familiar with their bespoke system, they replaced key manual processes with local quality improvement and HR workflows.

Kirti says: “Radar Healthcare has helped us to streamline our processes and reduced reliance on a paper-based system, improved communication, and enhanced reporting and oversight of key performance measures, both at site and organisational level.”


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Engaging a large workforce through centralised workflows

Lakeside Healthcare created its own role-specific information as employee engagement is imperative, both during the implementation phase and to ensure that the system is thoroughly embedded and used. Kirti adds: “Our staff was given appropriate training in addition to Radar Healthcare’s videos. This collaborative approach has shaped how our interface and overall design looks for different colleagues, creating a system that is intuitive and second nature to use.”

Radar Healthcare also trained specific employees as site-based super-users as a first port of call for colleagues: “As a result, our queries have been significantly reduced, and having a specific person at each site has made it easier to keep everything on track.”  


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Preparing for the unexpected within the NHS

Radar Healthcare was a useful and adaptable tool in changing circumstances, such as when delivering a speedy Covid vaccination rollout: “Radar Healthcare treated it as an urgent task, which was so helpful. As well as sending emails, we also set up Teams calls to collaborate. It’s just so much easier to explain an issue and we can get things resolved quickly. Radar Healthcare’s support team has always been polite, helpful, and knowledgeable.” Said, Kirti.

Lakeside’s creation of its own set of guides and assigning superusers is another example of how Radar Healthcare partners have adapted the system for their specific context. It is so important that they understand the benefits and use the software effectively so we’re really proud to see Lakeside adopt Radar Healthcare as an integral part of their systems.

They can move forward with the confidence of having a bespoke and effective compliance system that is constantly being adapted; currently, Lakeside Healthcare is testing the enhanced Audits Module, so together it’s great to see a productive and evolving collaboration for now and in the future.


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