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Intelligent Healthcare Analytics Software

Unlock the power of our Standard Analytics module

Our healthcare analytics surpasses traditional dashboards, leveraging AI and machine learning to provide unparalleled business intelligence from your data. Drive proactive decision-making. Say goodbye to manual data trawling and waiting on monthly performance reports. With our smart KPIs tailored to your thresholds, you’ll receive instant notifications when criteria are not met, or anomalies are detected. Take action based on real-time insights.

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    Over 95,000 users each month and counting

    What are the benefits?

    • dashboard icon Easy to digest dashboards to see your data and spot patterns
    • workflow Icon Actions automatically triggered when your data flags an issue
    • Save time on your regulatory compliance management
    • KPI Icon Set KPIs and monitor these via AI and machine learning
    • Notification Icon Get instant alerts and notifications, allowing you to act fast
    • Predictive Analytics Icon Predictive analytics so you can work proactively, not reactively to risk

    If you’re looking for an all-in-one solution to manage, risk, quality and compliance, book a free Radar Healthcare demo today.

    Analytics at the heart of a powerful suite

    With a comprehensive suite of modules dedicated to addressing risk and compliance challenges, Radar Healthcare drives improvements in care quality for health and social care organisations. Seamlessly integrating with these modules, our analytics delivers the next generation of compliance reporting, revolutionising healthcare.

    What makes our Analytics module different?

    Healthcare analytics software

    Instant insights

    Our out-of-the-box Dashboards track commonly requested areas of the system, providing an overview of one area. For example, there’s an Events dashboard. This tracks many metrics, including the total number of events, overdue events, days since last event, events by type (e.g. incidents, feedback, safety alerts and more), event occurrences by day of the week and time, etc. These Dashboards also automatically link in with our Toolkit Events, meaning that you can begin using Analytics very quickly.

    Radar Healthcare on multiple devices

    View data your way

    Radar Healthcare uses data visualisations, such as graphs and charts, to help make complex information more accessible and understandable. This can help support informed decision-making and improve the effectiveness of your governance arrangements. Reports can also be exported in a variety of formats (PDF, images, CSV) which allows for more flexibility in sharing and analysing data. This can help ensure that reports are accessible to stakeholders in a format that is convenient for them.

    Delivering intelligence, not just data

    We’ve invested heavily in our reporting features, pioneering the latest advancements in AI and machine learning to drive real insights from system data. This technology is valuable for healthcare providers with varying levels of technical expertise in-house, as it can make interpreting data insights that are critical for safety and quality improvement much more accessible. Our Analytics rests on an underlying goal of delivering intelligence, not just data, to your organisation. Radar Healthcare Analytics updates overnight. which means you can access up-to-date data whenever you need to.

    Maternity Dashboard

    ADD ON: Get creative with custom-built dashboards

    In addition to our standard dashboards, you have the option of your own Builder license. This allows you to customise our standard dashboards, build your own dashboards, or allow our team to build dashboards for you. The possibilities for what can be created in Radar Healthcare are endless, and many of our existing customers have produced incredibly innovative dashboards specific to what they want to measure and how often. This allows them to prioritise their focus in the right areas.

    Discover Analytics Builder

    Flexible to fit you

    We understand that every organisation is unique, and that’s why our product is designed to be flexible and adaptable. Whether you operate residential care homes across multiple locations or you’re an NHS Trust focused on risk, our quality and compliance management software can be tailored to your specific requirements. Find everything from audits, incident management, risk management and more, underpinned by our AI-driven analytics.


    Every Radar Healthcare customer can access Analytics, Action Plans and Notices as standard.

    • Analytics and Reporting
      Analytics and Reporting
    • Action and Improvement Plans
      Action and Improvement Plans
    • Notices


    Add-on our additional modules to build the ideal solution for your organisation.

    • Incident Management
      Incident Management
    • Audit Management
      Audit Management
    • Document Management
      Document Management
    • Risk Management
      Risk Management
    • Workforce Compliance
      Workforce Compliance

    Analytics features

    Radar Healthcare Analytics

    Machine learning technology

    Users can gain new insights from data that were previously unknown, hidden, or unreachable – all in a matter of clicks. Our Analytics module automatically triggers actions to ensure compliance and performance is always monitored and improved.

    AI driven KPIs

    AI driven smart KPIs

    Our Pulse alert function uses machine learning to identify and keep on top of key performance indicators. Our intelligent Analytics learns what an organisation’s status quo looks like and tracks the data, sending alerts when there are anomalies that may need intervention.

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    Easy-to-use analytics dashboards

    Easy-to-use dashboards

    Our dashboards are so simple to understand, that anyone can interpret the data. You can set up reports and export them ready for board meetings, or as evidence of performance for regulators. Providing charts and clear visuals, you can easily spot trends in performance.

    Analytics Explanations Feature

    Dig a little deeper

    Uncover insights effortlessly with our Explanations feature. It identifies key drivers behind data changes, highlighting top contributing factors for informed decision-making, fostering deeper understanding in Analytics.

    Analytics behaviour tracking

    We’ll learn what you like

    Our analytics tracks your behaviour to learn how you’re interacting with the data. You have the option to ‘Like’ any insights you find interesting to reinforce the machine learning behaviour.

    Radar Healthcare is interoperable


    Our software seamlessly integrates with critical healthcare systems such as Electronic Patient Record Systems and Care Planning Software. Enable cohesive data analysis and unified insights across your healthcare network. Drive informed decision-making.

    Analytics triggers automatic actions

    Never miss a thing

    Easily spot trends in performance through our user-friendly analytics. Automatically trigger actions to ensure compliance and performance are always monitored and improved.

    Analytics for all stakeholders

    Analytics for all stakeholders

    Analytics has been designed with all stakeholders in mind, ensuring efficiency for end users through to data analysts and other technical experts who’ll want to use our most advanced features. Analytics comes as standard, offering a host of amazing tools for your users.

    Analytics reporting

    Tailoring reports to your needs

    Radar Healthcare reports can be exported in a variety of formats (PDF, images, CSV) which allows for more flexibility in sharing and analysing data. This can help ensure that reports are accessible to stakeholders in a format that is convenient for them.

    Actionable Intelligence

    Transforms data into actionable intelligence

    Intelligence vs data… on other systems you may have a whole host of data, but it requires interpretation to become useful. Radar Healthcare Analytics enables this data to be translated into intelligence that tells the real story of how your organisation is operating.

    Easily collate and provide regulatory evidence

    Dashboards linked to toolkit events

    A suite of Analytics Dashboards that link to our Toolkit events, giving powerful insights without the need to customise or create your own Dashboards. The Dashboards and Toolkits have been designed to ensure key regulatory evidence is being captured and presented in an easy-to-understand way.

    Built with our partners for our patners

    Built with our partners for our partners

    All of our out-of-the-box dashboards have been curated alongside health and social care professionals to ensure they are fit for purpose, tracking the most commonly required metrics.

    Analytics insights and resources