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Gain assurance your teams have read important information with our Notices module

With Notices, you can send out key organisational alerts, updates and documentation through Radar Healthcare, and track if they have been read or not by your colleagues. This means that not only do you have the assurance that teams have seen the latest important information, but also the evidence to back this up. 

Radar Healthcare's Notices Module

Capterra review badge“The document storage has allowed us to keep tight version control on all documents and the notice module helps us monitor read compliance easily. The customer support has been excellent.” – Tony S, Patient Liaison Manager

Keep your team up-to-date and fully compliant with our Notices module

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    Notices for healthcare organisations

    Benefits of our Notices module for your healthcare organisation

    • Quickly and easily send communications to specific teams
    • Track who has read a notice
    • Track who has confirmed compliance with a notice
    • Send a reminder to colleagues at the click of a button

    Over 10,000 locations are already seeing the benefits of Radar Healthcare
    including 6 of the top 10 Care Groups in the UK

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    Flexible to fit you

    We understand that every organisation is unique, and that’s why our product is designed to be flexible and adaptable. Whether you operate residential care homes across multiple locations and require event and audit management but not workforce compliance, or you’re an NHS Trust focused on risk management, our quality and compliance management software can be tailored to your specific requirements. We prioritise a person-centered approach, considering the needs of patients, residents, and your team.

    Every Radar Healthcare customer can access Analytics, Action Plans and Notices as standard
    Add-on our additional modules to build the ideal solution for your organisation

    Radar Healthcare Incident Management SystemRadar Healthcare Audit Management SoftwareRadar Healthcare Workforce Compliance SoftwareRadar Healthcare Action and Improvement PlansRadar Healthcare Document Management SoftwareRadar Healthcare Risk Management SoftwareRadar Healthcare Business Compliance SoftwareRadar Healthcare Analytics and Reporting Software

    Now that we have the analytics and the visibility of the user access we can easily see who is not compliant with check ins, notices, and tasks. From this we can ask questions like, what do you need, or do we need an additional tutorial session? So, the user access section on analytics has been valuable to see who needs that additional support, which is important because Radar Healthcare is there to help them and encourage them to work more efficiently.

    Anna Prowse, Head of Quality Compliance and Health and Safety at E-zec

    Proud of our certifications

    At Radar Healthcare, our mission is to ensure the highest level of data protection and compliance in global health tech, safeguarding patient information and fostering trust. We’re proud to be one of the first healthcare organisations to achieve ISO 27001:2022 certification.

         ISO 9001 Certified ISO 27001 Certified Cyber Essentials Plus Certified HIPAA Verified

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    Notice Module Features

    • Centralised communication

      Notices within Radar Healthcare provides a centralised platform for broadcasting important messages, reducing the risk of miscommunication through scattered channels.

    • Notify your teams with ease

      Effortlessly create notices, set due dates for users to confirm they have read, link documents from our Document module, and select the users it needs to be sent to in a matter of clicks.

    • Foster accountability

      Easily track who has read and acknowledged notices, fostering accountability among team members to stay informed.

    • Reminders for outstanding notices

      Our notices module enables you to send reminder emails to users who haven't yet responded to notices. This ensures important updates don't go unnoticed.

    • Easy notice archiving

      Remove notices from assigned users, whether due to errors or irrelevance, streamlining your Notice Administration by reducing active notices and hiding outdated ones.

    • Informed and fully compliant

      Send timely updates, ensure crucial policies are acknowledged by recipients, and track compliance status, all in one integrated solution. Stay confident in meeting compliance goals while fostering seamless communication across your organisation.

    • Emergency communications

      In times of crisis or emergencies, quickly communicate safety protocols and relevant information to ensure the well-being of your team.

    • Interoperability

      Our software integrates across your healthcare ecosystem, connecting with vital systems like EPIC, CERNER, ORACLE, and Nourish. Ensure streamlined notice management and unified communication throughout your organisation.

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    One source of truth with Radar Healthcare

    Say hello to Radar Healthcare – a powerful software solution designed to automate various aspects of quality, risk, and compliance, allowing you to dedicate more time to what matters most: providing exceptional care and elevating your profession.

    With our intuitive software, you’ll discover a world of ease and efficiency. No more hopping between multiple systems or drowning in paperwork. Everything you need is neatly organised in one place, streamlining your workflow and empowering you to focus on what truly counts.

    Whether you oversee a single care service, healthcare department or multiple locations, our comprehensive analytics means you can easily monitor what’s going on and where. The interlinked product modules – from audits to incidents and risk management – create a seamless web of insights, ensuring your organisation stands strong in achieving regulatory compliance.


    Navigate team updates with ease

    All Radar Healthcare customers get access to our core Notices module. This tool holds immense value in keeping your team members in the loop and up-to-date. You can easily track who has received and acknowledged these notices, ensuring all your users are well-informed.

    Use our notices module for:

    • Onboarding support: Greet new employees and guide them to available assistance
    • Policy updates: Notify users of policy changes and request confirmation it’s been read
    • Safety guidelines: Distribute CAS safety information and confirm compliance
    • Eco-friendly news: Share monthly newsletters digitally to reduce waste
    • Communication hub: Use for general messages and updates
    Radar Healthcare Notices Module

    Learn how our partners benefit from the Notices module

    Malling Health

    Joanne Howard, Director of Nursing and Quality at Malling Health, realised the potential of Radar Healthcare for the organisation as more than a place to store documents and policies, so went about successfully shifting the culture towards using our solution every day.

    Before Radar Healthcare, it could be months until responses were received from communications to staff. When Radar Healthcare was promoted internally in the organisation, a notice sent out would be read by at least 90% of staff the same day. This huge change made Joanne’s job of keeping on top of compliance across the locations much easier, but also the assurance that staff had what they needed to keep themselves and patients safe.

    Read full case study

    Malling Health Logo

    London and Central West

    LCW are making the most out of our notices feature, sending communications out to staff quickly and easily. Along with automatically assigning actions, they don’t need to email or chase as they can see the status of items that have been issued to staff. GPs are set to benefit by receiving health alerts instantly which provides them with the information to provide the best care.

    Being able to digitise and customise their processes through Radar Healthcare has meant that LCW can collect any data needed and also filter down to this when required for reporting. It’s making life much easier when it comes to preparing for governance meetings or commissioner feedback; less time consuming and no need to sort through paper and Excel sheets to find the evidence needed.

    Read full case study

    “The scheduled tasks module helps us, as a multi-practice and growing business, to monitor the health and safety of all the practices. It helps ensure that everyone is compliant with health and safety, improving the service we provide to our customers. We also find it extremely useful that the documents module and the notices module can be used in conjunction, providing us with a better view of our compliance policies - again working towards increasing the safety of our practices.”

    Kim Rossiter, Head of Compliance at Together Dental

    Together Dental

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