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Case Study: London Central & West

Managing quality and compliance is important, and London Central & West (LCW) wanted to improve how they carried out theirs. Moving away from their old system, we look at why they chose Radar Healthcare.

Shane Hanlon takes on the role of Project Co-Ordinator at LCW and explains that they are a provider of out of hospital care in London, offering 111 NHS services including GP out of hours. They take pride in their approach for delivering care and improved outcomes to patients in a population of around 3.5 million. We investigate how Radar Healthcare will be helping them to do just this.

“You can build something far more intelligent and personalised with Radar Healthcare”

One of the main reasons LCW chose to transition to Radar Healthcare was the ability to streamline different business processes, as well as collating evidence in one centralised place.

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LCW are making the most out of the notices features where they send communications out to staff quickly and easily. Along with automatically assigning actions, they don’t need to email or chase as they can see the status of items that have been issued to staff. GPs are set to benefit by receiving health alerts instantly which provides them with the information to provide the best care.

Being able to digitise and customise their processes on the software, LCW can collect any data needed and also filter down to this when required for reporting. It’s making life much easier when it comes to preparing for governance meetings or commissioner feedback; less time consuming and no need to sort through paper and excel sheets to find the evidence needed. This means it’s beneficial for the workforce to run more smoothly. GPs are set to be able to access Radar Healthcare via a single sign on, ensuring the transition between the different software systems they are using is seamless.

“The events section of radar is a lot more intuitive; it’s more personalisable”

Shane stated how the event section is more intuitive and personable to what they had before. The actions following on from an event can be tailored to the specific nature of the incident, meaning that they are more flexible and relevant.

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Going digital

“Collating all the evidence in one place is really helpful

Before Radar Healthcare, LCW used paper or scanned files to collate staff’s evidence for documents like DBS and right-to-work. HR would need to gather this information before signing off new staff. Now this process is much faster, where new staff can provide this information digitally and HR can see it all in one place right from the start.

Their previous system did not cover everything that LCW needed to go fully digital. Shane was finding that they were needing to look in about 6 different places to gather all required information. One of the features which was missing was auditing, hugely important in the health care world! LCW are able to assign actions off failed points through automatic triggers and notifications.

What’s in store for the future?

LCW have left their old software behind and are enjoying smoother processes, saving both time and money.

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