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Primary Care

Case Study: Omnes Healthcare

About Omnes Healthcare

Omnes Healthcare Health has been providing high quality primary care services across London and the South East for over ten years. Its GP practices deliver accessible, innovative care, addressing health inequalities and reducing secondary care spend, whilst also providing a large number of secondary care services in both hospital and community settings.

Working closely with local healthcare, social care and voluntary sector providers, Omnes Healthcare continually develops primary care solutions that are highly valued by patients, clinicians, Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) and the local community.


Why did Omnes Healthcare choose Radar Healthcare?

Due to Omnes Healthcare’s rapid business growth, the existing system for tracking governance issues was no longer fit for purpose, so a new, scalable solution was required to keep pace with changing business requirements.

The Radar Healthcare team are extremely responsive to the needs of the customer and have provided us with really proactive approach to support.

Richard Shama - Medical Director at Omnes Healthcare

How has Radar Healthcare supported Omnes Healthcare with quality improvement and compliance?

Since adopting Radar Healthcare, Omnes Healthcare has seen real operational efficiencies and an increase in productivity – as staff now have more time to complete other tasks, rather than wasting time collating data for just one report.

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With better access and confidence in their data, Omnes Healthcare is now able to better demonstrate how they manage and track issues and make improvements within the business.

Radar Healthcare now drives accountability through assigning tasks and actions to specific staff, whereas previously there was no system in place to achieve this.

  1. Training compliance has been monitored and improved
  2. Complaints and incidents are recorded, monitored and responded to accordingly
  3. Lessons learned from these incidents can now be easily acquired/reviewed with all supported data
  4. Audits were created, and improvements have been delivered based on the data gathered
  5. On demand reports are now easily generated for training, compliance, audits and any significant events
  6. Increase in efficiencies - The software has made us more efficient in our day-to-day operations and monitoring requirements for our business
  7. Care quality improvements - We’ve been able to improve processes and policies, enabling us to deliver an even better provision of high-quality care

With Radar Healthcare we are able to better demonstrate to our customers how we manage and track issues. This system has been very useful in demonstrating this to the CQC as well. We met with several providers, and chose Radar Healthcare based on its flexibility and its ability to robustly track through issues, tasks and actions.

Richard Shama - Medical Director at Omnes Healthcare

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