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CQC compliance software

Improve your rating with our CQC compliance software

Are you looking to improve your CQC rating to achieve ‘Good’ or ‘Outstanding’? We know that a visit from CQC inspectors can be daunting, but with software like Radar Healthcare, you can ensure you’re fully prepared.
CQC Compliance Software
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Paul. E, Risk Manager

Looking to improve your CQC rating?

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    Care Compliance Software in action

    Benefits of our CQC Compliance Software

    • Prepare for CQC regulations easier with evidence at your fingertips
    • Manage and proactively respond to issues such as safeguarding, infection, and more
    • One centralised place where you can ensure staff have all the information they need
    • Improve your quality of care by automatically assigning actions for any concerns or complaints

    Over 10,000 locations are already seeing the benefits of Radar Healthcare
    including 6 of the top 10 Care Groups in the UK

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    One source of truth

    It can be time consuming to prepare for CQC regulations. If you’re keeping your evidence on paper or spreadsheets, you may struggle to find what you need. With Radar Healthcare, you can pull all the information you need with just a few clicks. The CQC’s new strategy is much more technology focused, so digital is going to play a bigger role in regulation. 

    We work with health and social care organisations to help improve the quality of care for everyone. This includes residential, nursing and community care, as well as care groups, NHS organisations and patient transport. 

    Whether you’re running one care service in one location, or many in several places, our analytics means you can easily oversee what’s going on and where. Our various product modules such as auditsincidents and risk management don’t work in silo, they interlink to ensure your organisation is in the strongest place to improve regulatory compliance.


    Features of our CQC Compliance Software

    • Evidencing CQC compliance

      With everything in one place, documenting service excellence and continuous improvement alongside all training documentation within the workforce compliance module providing evidence and feedback to the CQC is easier than ever.

    • Compliance tracking and reporting

      Effortlessly track and monitor compliance adherence across various regulations, guidelines, and internal policies. Generate comprehensive reports for audits and regulatory submissions.

    • Automated alerts and notifications

      Stay ahead of compliance deadlines with automated alerts and notifications, ensuring proactive actions and preventing potential issues.

    • Policy and procedure management

      Streamline policy creation, distribution, and approval processes. Maintain a centralised repository of policies and procedures, allowing easy access for staff and ensuring consistent compliance.

    • Training and competency management

      Simplify training program management, including course assignments, tracking progress, and assessing competency. Identify training gaps and ensure staff members are equipped with the necessary knowledge.

    • Incident and Risk Management

      Capture, track, and investigate incidents, near misses, and risks. Implement action plans to mitigate future occurrences and reduce potential harm to patients/residents and staff.

    • Auditing and document control

      Conduct internal audits efficiently, manage findings, and track actions. Maintain version control and document history for easy retrieval and traceability. ntrol and document history for easy retrieval and traceability.

    • Integration and scalability

      Seamlessly integrate with existing systems, such as Electronic Health Records (EHR), ensuring data consistency and efficiency. Our software is scalable to accommodate the evolving needs of your organisation.

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    “Prior to Radar Healthcare, we had a very poor CQC inspection. The concerns were primarily around governance and documentation. We have yet to have another CQC inspection, however, when the local authority came to review, we were able to provide them with a digital source that evidenced all documents, up-to-date audits, incidents, and ongoing actions, which they were really pleased to see. They were impressed that we were pinpointing issues but then automatically creating action plans and steps to resolve them efficiently and effectively - and that is exactly what Radar Healthcare’s system allows you to evidence and continue to do.”

    Shaun Lock, Quality and Compliance Manager at Ashberry

    Flexible to fit you

    We understand that every organisation is unique, and that’s why our product is designed to be flexible and adaptable. Whether you operate residential care homes across multiple locations and require event and audit management but not workforce compliance, or you’re an NHS Trust focused on risk management, our quality and compliance management software can be tailored to your specific requirements. We prioritise a person-centered approach, considering the needs of patients, residents, and your staff.

    Choose from our product modules…

    Radar Healthcare Incident Management SystemRadar Healthcare Audit Management SoftwareRadar Healthcare Workforce Compliance SoftwareRadar Healthcare Action and Improvement PlansRadar Healthcare Document Management SoftwareRadar Healthcare Risk Management SoftwareRadar Healthcare Business Compliance SoftwareRadar Healthcare Analytics and Reporting Software

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    Our product is made up of modules so you can pick and choose which you want, and therefore only pay for what you need. Calculate your price by building your own plan today.

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