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Learn from patient safety events (LFPSE)

LFPSE is going to be mandatory by March 2023, leaving you less than a year to get compliant.

Radar Healthcare is here to help, if you’re changing from a web-based to cloud-based system, why not consider us? Leave your legacy system behind with our next generation software that is compliant with LFPSE.

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What is LFPSE?

It’s vital in the NHS to understand any events that affect patient safety, so that they can learn and improve, with the aim to making healthcare safer. The National Reporting and Learning System (NRLS) and Strategic Executive Information System (StEIS) are being replaced by LFPSE, so that the NHS can better record patient safety events. 

LFPSE is a system to record the details of patient safety events so that the NHS can learn from lots of data at a national level. Organisations can then take actions to reduce risk and ensure patients and families remain safe.

The use of LFPSE aims to not only transform how patient incidents are recorded, but to apply that valuable insight across the whole NHS healthcare estate to improve patient safety and care and the environments NHS staff work within. To be a part of that is something we’re incredibly proud of.

Paul Johnson, CEO, Radar Healthcare

Are organisations already using LFPSE?

Currently in its public beta stage, LFPSE is available for organisations to upgrade to, as long as they’re using a risk management system which is compliant. For example, Milton Keynes University Hospital Foundation Trust was the first in the country to integrate this new LFPSE service through Radar Healthcare. You can join them in our upgraded patient safety events service so you’re prepared for the deadline.

From March 2023, when LFPSE is mandatory, it will be easier for staff to record safety events because their local risk management system will automatically upload, saving precious time. It will also be easier to access the data, so that improvements can be driven accurately. Furthermore, LFPSE uses machine learning so that data gathered is of higher quality.

What about smaller organisations?

With the previous reporting systems, around 75% reporting were from hospitals. Other care settings will now find it easier with LFPSE, including primary care, because of simple online forms and a dedicated portal to access safety events recorded.

I believe this system allows us to really create the balance between compliments and complaints and let people know that they are doing a good job. That’s why we chose Radar Healthcare: because it allows us to be more balanced.

Paul Page, Patient Liaison & Risk Manager, Shropdoc

What makes Radar Healthcare different?

  • No other supplier has been as fast to react to LFPSE.
  • Our teams are agile – we act quickly and when we need to.
  • Always ahead of the game, with the latest technology – no more legacy systems.
  • Our software is flexible – we fit into your processes, not the other way round.
  • Amongst the top UK companies for customer service.
  • The future is bright – our analytics is always evolving.