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HC-One, the UK’s largest elderly Residential care provider, has chosen Radar Healthcare as its quality and risk management software partner. The partnership will enable HC-One, who provide positive, personalised care and support to more than 14,000 residents, to move to a new innovative way of governance across almost 300 care homes in the UK.

With more than 20,000 colleagues across the UK who deliver the highest standard of round-the-clock care and support to residents (encompassing dementia care, nursing, residential and specialist care) 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, HC-One will use Radar Healthcare to help drive forward continuous shared learnings across the entire organisation.

Calling Radar Healthcare “the spine” of HC-One’s integrated governance model, the system is being brought in to not only ensure that any indications of concern are spotted as early as possible, but to support the smooth, practical application of valuable learnings.

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Antony Hall, Director of Insights, Assurance and Governance said: “We’ve been on a two-year journey to change the culture from being KPI driven to really understanding how learning can provide the highest quality of care to our residents.”

“We’re creating a new innovative insights model and Radar Healthcare is integral to this. We want early warnings and holistic views across our homes. Having that central spine means we can start to have proper conversations around where we can develop meaningful quality improvements and the really exciting element is the insight.”

Being able to use data analytics to give us a real-time view and get ahead of the curve when it comes to something that could become an issue in one of our care homes will be a real benefit to our organisation.

Antony Hall, Director of Insights, Assurance and Governance, HC-One

Antony said: “The reason for partnering with Radar Healthcare from the outset is that bigger picture. Implementing Radar Healthcare will provide us with seamless insights to enhance learning across our organisation and support us to achieve the very highest standards of quality which we pride ourselves on delivering.”Doing things differently is something HC-One, and Antony in particular is very passionate about. When it comes to the implementation, the process is very much about the ‘art of the possible’ and Antony is keen to make use of the expertise across the Radar Healthcare team to get this right for the organisation. “We want our partnership with Radar Healthcare to be open, transparent and to have the ‘have you thought about doing it that way?’ conversations which really drive innovation” he explained. When it comes to success, it’s all about measurement. “As with any care service, there will always be ways we can improve, but the measurement has to be seeing those improvements in real-time as we’re learning from the insights we can capture on the new system.”See how our other partners have benefited from quality improvementRadar Healthcare CEO, Paul Johnson commented: “We are thrilled that HC-One has chosen to partner with us to implement the organisational learning they see as fundamental in achieving future success. We are proud of what Radar Healthcare has achieved so far in just a few years and for the UK’s largest care provider to work with us is a testament to our platform. We’re giving healthcare providers the tools to use data in a strategic way so as well as freeing up carers to focus on caring, not paperwork, we’re helping to drive continuous improvement throughout organisations which results in a proactive approach to resident and patient care.”

Radar Healthcare has been widely adopted by healthcare organisations across the UK and internationally and Antony isn’t the only one who is looking forward to working with Radar Healthcare on its governance and improvement journey, commenting “There isn’t a single leader in the organisation that isn’t excited about Radar Healthcare coming. I’m confident this is the right platform to create organisational learning which is fundamental in making a real difference in the lives of older people in our communities throughout the UK.

We are thrilled to embark on this journey with HC-One and are looking forward to this new chapter in healthcare.

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