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Experience Oversight Like Never Before With Radar Healthcare's Industry-First CQC Dashboards!

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Regulatory Compliance Software

Our regulatory compliance management software provides you with one central source of truth

At Radar Healthcare, we understand that regulatory compliance is a cornerstone of healthcare success. Our comprehensive regulatory compliance software is designed to streamline your efforts and elevate the quality of care you provide. Discover how our cloud-based solution can help you achieve and maintain compliance with ease.

How we help healthcare organisations

Capterra review badge“From the very start we have worked extremely closely with Radar Healthcare in designing a compliance system that is a perfect fit for our business, instead of having to make all our users bend to the system.” – Simon S, Head of Care Standards

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    Healthcare Regulatory Compliance System

    Benefits of our Regulatory Compliance Software

    • Safeguard your brand
    • Single source of truth
    • Evidence compliance clearly
    • Automated audits with action plans

    Over 100,000 users are already seeing the benefits of Radar Healthcare

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    Simplifying Compliance Management

    • One central source of truth: Gain access to the latest regulations and policies, ensuring your team is always up to date.
    • Incident Management: Effortlessly report incidents and allow our software to automatically generate action and improvement plans. Demonstrate your commitment to learning and continuous improvement.
    • Cover a wide range of audits: Our software covers various audits, including health and safety and clinical assessments.
    • Automatic Action Plans: Issues identified during audits trigger automatic action plans, preventing future discrepancies.
    • Performance Tracking: Set KPIs to ensure your organisation consistently meets compliance standards.

    “We have achieved greater transparency in our compliance, allowing us to plan and manage issues more effectively. Radar Healthcare has garnered praise from CQC and NHS customers who specifically request data from our platform.”

    Simon Smith, Quality and Governance Director - ERS Medical

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    “The key to being assessment-ready is preparation and having the right tools to support you. Inspections and assessments can be daunting and stressful, but with the right processes and technology in place, they don’t have to be. First and foremost, you and your teams need to understand what it is the regulatory body is expecting from you and then you can define how you evidence this in practice. Digital transformation solutions, like Radar Healthcare, can be an easy way to help collate, document, and organise evidence while continuing a culture of continuous improvement for care providers.”

    Mark Harrison, Customer Success Lead at Radar Healthcare

    Proud of our certifications

    At Radar Healthcare, our mission is to ensure the highest level of data protection and compliance in global health tech, safeguarding patient information and fostering trust. We’re proud to be one of the first healthcare organisations to achieve ISO 27001:2022 certification.

         ISO 9001 Certified ISO 27001 Certified Cyber Essentials Plus Certified HIPAA Verified

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    Key features

    • Automated Alerts

      Our software offers automated alerts to keep your team informed about critical compliance issues. It sends real-time notifications, ensuring that potential problems are addressed promptly, thus reducing the risk of compliance breaches.

    • Comprehensive Audit Trail

      Radar Healthcare provides a thorough audit trail that records every action taken within the system. This trail allows you to trace the history of compliance activities, making it easier to identify and address any potential discrepancies.

    • Easy Attachment of Evidence

      With our software, attaching evidence to compliance documentation is a straightforward process. This feature simplifies the collection and storage of necessary information, streamlining compliance processes.

    • Custom Report Builder

      Tailor your compliance reports to meet your organisation's unique needs. Our report builder module allows you to create reports that provide the specific insights and data your team requires for decision-making and regulatory reporting.

    • Central Dashboard

      Access all your compliance information and data from a single, centralized dashboard. This feature provides a real-time overview of your compliance status and performance metrics, enhancing your ability to make data-driven decisions.

    • Role-Based Permissions

      Maintain control and security within your compliance system with role-based permissions. You can assign different access levels to users, ensuring that they can only view and edit the information relevant to their role, thereby safeguarding sensitive compliance data.

    • Intelligent Analytics

      Harness the power of data with our intelligent analytics feature. It provides in-depth insights into your compliance performance, allowing you to identify trends, areas for improvement, and potential risks. These analytics empower your team to make informed decisions and continuously enhance your processes.

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