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Primary Care

Engaging Shropdoc's workforce with digital reporting

In 2019, Paul Page was appointed Patient Liaison & Risk Manager at Shropdoc, the provider for out-of-hours urgent primary care in Shropshire, Telford and Wrekin and Powys. He created an incident tracking spreadsheet that provided a link to a specific hard drive containing all relevant documentation. However, the system possessed vulnerabilities such as inconsistencies, delays, incomplete or misplaced forms and consequent risk of GDPR infringements.

Such factors were exacerbated by the large geographical area covered by Shropdoc, approximately 3,500 square miles that encompasses ten Primary Care Centres (PCC) with an administrative headquarters in Shrewsbury. Furthermore, the out of hours period, constituting 75% of a normal week, is a challenging and potentially high-risk environment.

Ian Tanswell, Associate Medical Director for Quality and Safety, led a group to evaluate a series of systems based upon features, functionality, and cost. Shropdoc wanted a system that could share up-to-date intelligence with multiple people in different departments at various locations. There was a particular need to save time retrieving this data too.

We are not a large company in terms of number of employees, nor a small one – we needed a solution that was a right fit for us.

Ian Tanswell, Associate Medical Director for Quality and Safety, Shropdoc

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Available to everyone, everywhere

The largest team in Shropdoc is the Primary Care Assistants, who support clinicians visiting patients at home or seeing them at a PCC. Their tasks include checking kit, equipment, and vehicles as well as undertaking administration duties at the PCC; they are the ‘eyes and the ears’ of Shropdoc. Despite this, their duties were impeded by the inability to record incidents in real time. Radar Healthcare has given them a place to create an electronic vehicle inspection checklist, removing manual paper trails.

Radar Healthcare can be accessed on all mobile devices and be used anywhere with an internet connection, meaning employees and members can record events as soon as they happen. It was imperative to Ian and Paul that everyone had the access to the system and were given an opportunity to provide constructive feedback on the design itself. Therefore, the intention is not only to continually improve patient outcomes but also to encourage staff engagement.

Many departments in Shropdoc have been actively involved in the development process, with the Health & Safety Manager taking a leading role. For instance, contemporary guidance from the Health and Safety Executive has been integrated into reporting forms for accidents and incidents, which provide learnings for all.

By building the forms together, it really gives you an opportunity to engage the workforce and break down organisational silos.

Ian Tanswell, Associate Medical Director for Quality and Safety, Shropdoc

Boosting morale through logging data

A part of the Radar Healthcare system that will help Shropdoc engage their workforce is developing their compliments processes – the way that they are recorded, analysed, and presented. Ian and Paul highlighted that by presenting and displaying that data meaningfully, it can help drive continuous improvement and improve the well-being of both staff and service users.

I believe this system allows us to really create the balance between compliments and complaints and let people know that they are doing a good job. That’s why we chose Radar Healthcare: because it allows us to be more balanced.

Paul Page, Patient Liaison & Risk Manager, Shropdoc

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Make the system work for you

As Shropdoc goes into the final stages of onboarding Radar Healthcare, they could not praise our Projects team enough. Having dedicated support when needed, a hands-on approach to learning and a gradual development in skills gave Ian the confidence in the product.

It’s a bit like building a car from scratch. If the engine goes wrong; you can identify the fault and know exactly how to fix it. Jack [Forshaw, Project Manager] has shown us how easy it is for us to tailor the forms, we can develop them for ourselves in the future, so they remain applicable. Plus, we have the ability to teach others.

Ian Tanswell, Associate Medical Director for Quality and Safety, Shropdoc


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