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Experience Oversight Like Never Before With Radar Healthcare's Industry-First CQC Dashboards!

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Integrated Care System Software at Radar Healthcare

Integrated Care Systems Software

Connect the dots with Radar Healthcare’s innovative solution for Integrated Care Systems

We partner with organisations of all sizes to offer a single solution for managing risk, quality, and compliance across Integrated Care Systems. Gain transparency and assurance while also enabling more connected ways of working with Radar Healthcare – ultimately helping to deliver improved care and patient outcomes.

Radar Healthcare Analytics Software Solution

Capterra review badge“I love Radar because it allows real time reporting, clear escalation of events where required, easy access to all data via analytics. all of this has improved our clinical and quality governance, allowing us to look at trends in individual service as well as in a group.” – Scott F, General Manager 

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    Ambulance and Patient Transport Services Compliance Software in action

    Take a look at our software in action. Say goodbye to paperwork, spreadsheets and flitting between systems. With Radar Healthcare you can easily access everything from one user friendly dashboard.

    Benefits of our ICS compliance software

    • Tools to encourage an open culture, dedicated to continuous improvement

    • Connected working, with improved collaboration and communication

    • Flexible software that fits to your organisational needs

    • Evidence of service excellence and continuous improvement

    • Enhance quality and compliance standards

    • Visibility of performance across multiple locations anytime you need it

    “The ICS model has created a framework for closer partnerships between health and social care services. By integrating these sectors, ICSs strive to address the complex needs of patients, particularly those with long-term conditions or multiple comorbidities. This collaboration ensures that patients receive comprehensive and coordinated support, promoting better outcomes and enhanced quality of life.”

    Babar Shafiq, Business Development Manager at Radar Healthcare

    Over 10,000 locations are already seeing the benefits of Radar Healthcare

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    Streamlining Quality, Risk, and Compliance with Radar Healthcare 

    A system-wide solution for ICS collaboration 

    Integrated Care Systems (ICSs) aim to enable healthcare providers to work in partnership with the ultimate goal of improving population health. Radar Healthcare offers state-of-the-art software to underpin exactly that. Our software can support each part of the system to work collaboratively, while also making intelligent use of data and information.   


    Comprehensive ICS management at your fingertips

    With Radar Healthcare, each component of your Integrated Care System can efficiently handle diverse tasks, from preparing for CQC inspections, conducting clinical audits, and managing incidents to streamlining communication, handling complaints, and administering patient satisfaction and staff surveys. Our dynamic dashboards and real-time reports provide unparalleled oversight, coupled with our analytics, offering you unmatched insights for informed decision-making.

    Integrated Care Systems Software

    Centralised risk management for seamless integration

    Effortlessly manage risk across your ICS, whether it’s at the place or board level, through a single risk register that spans all areas. Radar Healthcare empowers disparate teams to seamlessly share data and communicate in a unified digital language, enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of your ICS.

    'There is very much a can-do attitude at Radar Healthcare, and they’re very responsive. If we want to try something they’ll test it and see if it works. The flexibility of the system means we’ve been really involved in making it bespoke to us. We’re able test everything before using it in the live system and even once we go live, if we find a bug, our customer success manager will find out why it’s not working for us and fix it. It’s a great working relationship.'

    Marion Shipman, Head of Quality and Governance, North West Surrey Integrated Care Services (NICS)

    North West Surrey Integrated Care Services (NICS) logo

    Proud of our certifications

    At Radar Healthcare, our mission is to ensure the highest level of data protection and compliance in global health tech, safeguarding patient information and fostering trust. We’re proud to be one of the first healthcare organisations to achieve ISO 27001:2022 certification.

         ISO 9001 Certified ISO 27001 Certified Cyber Essentials Plus Certified HIPAA Verified

    Learn about our certifications

    Unlock the future of healthcare with Radar Healthcare

    Discover how healthcare providers like NICS and Somerset NHS Foundation Trust have harnessed the transformative capabilities of Radar Healthcare. Explore our case studies below to see real-world examples of how our software is revolutionising healthcare.

    North West Surrey Integrated Care Services (NICS)

    North West Surrey Integrated Care Services (NICS), an innovative GP Federation serving a vast community, required a system to help transform their quality and governance processes.

    Marion Shipman joined NICS in 2021 as Head of Quality and Governance and spearheaded the adoption of Radar Healthcare to centralise their operations and transition to a fully digital solution. Discover the impact of Radar Healthcare on NICS’s ability to harness data for complete oversight in our full case study.

    Read the full case study

    North West Surrey Integrated Care Services (NICS) logo

    Somerset NHS Foundation Trust

    Somerset NHS Foundation Trust (Somerset FT) has embraced Radar Healthcare’s cutting-edge technology to revamp its operational culture. Stephen Thompson, Associate Director of Integrated Governance, and Paula Wiggins, Governance Systems Manager, discuss the shift from using two disparate systems to adopting a more integrated approach with the help of our software.

    What truly excites Somerset FT is the power of our analytics, providing them with real-time data that fuels informed decision-making. Our case study delves into how Somerset FT leveraged our technology to spot trends, take prompt actions, and share invaluable insights across the trust.

    Read the full case study 

    Somerset NHS Foundation Trust

    Milton Keynes NHS Foundation Trust

    Milton Keynes University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust (MKUH) has become the first to integrate the new NHS Learn from Patient Safety Events (LFPSE) service having partnered with software specialists Radar Healthcare.

    Kate Jarman, Director of Corporate Affairs at MKUH said: “Usability was a key driver for us in selecting Radar Healthcare. We wanted a cloud-based system that all of our staff, from ward to desk-based colleagues, would engage with and find easy to use.

    “The fact that we could work with Radar Healthcare to be the first Trust in the country to report on the national LFPSE system was a real bonus. Not only are we improving the safety of our own patients, but we are also helping to improve patient safety across the country.”

    Read the full case study  

    Milton Keynes University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust Logo

    Features of our Quality and Compliance Software

    • Interoperable system

      Our ICS software seamlessly integrates patient data, electronic health records, and administrative information into one central platform for easy access and efficient management.

    • Real-time analytics

      Gain valuable insights from real-time analytics, enabling data-driven decision-making to improve patient outcomes and resource allocation.

    • Risk management

      Effectively identify, assess, and mitigate risks across the entire ICS with a centralised risk management system, ensuring patient safety and compliance.

    • Secure data storage

      Ensure data security and compliance with robust data encryption and protection measures, meeting regulatory requirements and safeguarding patient information.

    • Customisable workflows

      Tailor workflows to match the unique needs of your ICS, allowing for flexibility and adaptability as healthcare processes evolve.

    • Cost efficiency

      Optimise resource allocation, reduce administrative overhead, and improve the overall cost-effectiveness of the ICS through streamlined processes and data utilisation.

    • Training and support

      Benefit from comprehensive training and ongoing support to ensure your team maximises the potential of our software.

    • Scalability

      Easily scale the software to accommodate the growth and evolving needs of your ICS, whether you're a small community clinic or a large regional healthcare network.

    • Regulatory compliance

      Stay up-to-date with evolving healthcare regulations and compliance standards, ensuring that your ICS operates within legal frameworks.

    • Patient outcomes tracking

      Monitor and measure the impact of your ICS on patient outcomes, allowing for continuous improvement and evidence-based practices.

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    Flexible to fit you

    We understand that every organisation is unique, and that’s why our product is designed to be flexible and adaptable. Whether you operate residential care homes across multiple locations and require event and audit management but not workforce compliance, or you’re an NHS Trust focused on risk management, our quality and compliance management software can be tailored to your specific requirements. We prioritise a person-centered approach, considering the needs of patients, residents, and your team.

    Every Radar Healthcare customer can access Analytics, Action Plans and Notices as standard.
    Add-on our additional modules to build the ideal solution for your organisation

    Radar Healthcare Incident Management SystemRadar Healthcare Audit Management SoftwareRadar Healthcare Workforce Compliance SoftwareRadar Healthcare Action and Improvement PlansRadar Healthcare Document Management SoftwareRadar Healthcare Risk Management SoftwareRadar Healthcare Business Compliance SoftwareRadar Healthcare Analytics and Reporting Software

    "Radar Healthcare’s audits module is a game changer! We are really impressed with how flexible and easy it is to create templates and duplicate questions. We LOVE the ability to reassign each section - this will save our teams a huge amount of time when building and completing audits."

    Simon Smith, Quality and Governance Director - ERS Medical

    ERS Medical Logo

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