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About us

About Radar Healthcare

A key goal for all healthcare providers is to improve the quality of care for patients and residents. Our integrated system gives you the ability to transform unreliable processes and inconsistent communications into a streamlined and centralised approach, revolutionising how you provide care. 

Radar Healthcare was founded by Paul Johnson and Lee Williams in 2012, with a vision of improving safety in healthcare. Combining human intuition with innovative methods through collaboration with public and private organisations across health and social care has made our risk, quality, and compliance software the only option for hundreds of our partners across the world.

Passion characterises our strategies, with the end goal always being to make healthcare safer. With our partners working alongside us, we can be sure that both their requirements and aspirations are not only met but exceeded.

Radar Healthcare is available to purchase through G-Cloud and HSSF procurement frameworks. We are also associated with professional bodies: CASPA, UKHCA (corporate partner), and Care England.

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Our values

  • Open, honest and transparent

  • Ethical

  • Caring

  • Customer focused

  • Innovative

  • Trusted

Our Team

  • Robert Place

    Product Training Manager

  • Mark Harrison

    Customer Success Manager

  • Matthew Nolan

    Customer Success Manager

  • Samantha Dodge

    Customer Success Manager

  • Alicia Ahmed

    Customer Success Manager

  • Molly Kent

    National Business Development Manager - NHS

  • Terry Murphy

    National Business Development Manager - NHS

  • Garry Pettit

    Business Development Manager

  • Shaun Samuel

    Business Development Manager

  • Babar Shafiq

    National Business Development Manager

  • Kam Kaur

    Business Development Manager

  • Ravi Sehdeva

    Business Development Manager

  • Tanya Verma

    Business Development Manager

  • Anna Klisina

    Account Executive

  • Kit Waglè

    Account Executive

  • Sue Johnstone

    Bid Manager

Our management team

  • Paul Johnson


  • Lee Williams


  • Mike Taylor


  • Simon Qasir


  • Graham Davies

    Non-Executive Director

  • Stuart Fletcher

    Non-Executive Director

  • Jocelyn Clarke

    Finance Director

  • Rhian Bulmer

    Chief Partnerships Officer

In April 2020, Stephen joined Radar Software as Chairman. Boasting a wealth of board-level experience with a focus on business transformation and growth, Stephen spent 21 years leading healthcare software and solutions organisation EMIS Group.

Co-founders of Radar Software in 2012, Paul and Lee worked with healthcare professionals to develop an easy to use system for quality and compliance. Both from a technology background, and with a collective experience of over 30 years, Paul and Lee make the perfect team. Paul specialised in helping organisations meet operational and commercial requirements, while Lee is an expert in managing large scale development projects.

Graham and Stuart support Radar as Non-Executive Directors. Graham is a member of the investment team that manages the Finance Yorkshire Seedcorn Fund and has a background in managing high technology investment opportunities, as well as a PhD in Molecular Biology and an MBA in Business. Stuart was Group CEO of Bupa before joining Radar.