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Cae Study: Optegra Eye Health Care

Optegra is the UK’s most trusted eye care specialist, offering the UK’s largest network of dedicated eye hospitals. Radar Healthcare empowered a management team to implement a more effective governance structure.

Utilising over 150 qualified NHS surgeons, they strive to ensure accurate, effective results and faster recovery for their patients by investing in the latest technology and advanced equipment. With over 1 million eyes treated to date, free consultations and exceptional reviews for their services, they’re committed to continuing this excellent quality of care.


Why did Optegra choose Radar Healthcare?

Optegra needed a solution to standardise governance activity, access required information and facilitate transparency and reporting in order to evidence their position – while keeping up with continual expansion.

“We really like the level of support for ongoing system developments and the fact that we can tailor requirements to our business objectives. The team at Radar Healthcare make us feel more like partners than customers, as they’re helping drive our business forward.”

Amanda Allen, Quality and CQC Consultant at Optegra

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How was Radar Healthcare implemented?

Optegra’s experience of implementing Radar Healthcare empowered the management team to implement a more effective governance structure in its hospitals.

Staff quickly reported positive feedback on ease of use and accessibility which was key to ensuring a smooth implementation. On an ongoing basis, this ease of use will ensure everything is
properly and accurately tracked.


How has Radar Healthcare supported Optegra with quality improvement and compliance?

The software provides Optegra with access to data that provides support across all organisational compliance decisions leading to the following regulatory compliance and process improvements:

  1. Improved incident reporting - Report rate doubled in the first month of use
  2. Faster resolution of complaints - With a predicted decrease in escalations to claims and external arbitration
  3. Enhanced reporting - Complete visibility means any drops in performance are addressed immediately, rather than at the next CQC inspection
  4. Improved event management - Real-time event reporting allows issues to be dealt with quickly, with automatic escalation to the right people
  5. Minimised risk - Retrospective report reviews enables us to minimise risks and reduce the potential of an event recurrence
  6. Better auditing - Optegra now has clear access to audit results and hospital action plans, and all have assigned actions and owners

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