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Care Groups


Gain complete oversight of your Care Group

Managing multiple services within a Care Group can become difficult as there are so many moving pieces. Radar Healthcare, however, can take some of the weight off your shoulders by providing complete oversight of your Care Group, no matter the number, location or variance of services. 

While there’s so much going on, you still need to ensure that efficient governance is in place. Gain this assurance through Radar Healthcare, with visibility that tasks are being completed and improvements are being made. With real-time overview of your Care Group at any time, make quicker and fully informed decisions through complete transparency and accountability of all tasks. 

Protect your brand by ensuring every service is performing its best, and any complaints or compliments are managed with appropriate actions and learnings as a result. With the whole Care Group’s quality and risk managed on one central system, everyone will be following the same processes and procedures so that when the time comes for CQC regulation, you’re prepared with all the evidence to hand. 

“With the introduction of Radar Healthcare not only have we replaced 3 existing quality and assurance systems with 1, we have also enhanced those business processes as well, enabling us to capture better quality data in a more efficient manner”
– Four Seasons

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  • Complete oversight of your Care Group

  • Full assurance, transparency and accountability

  • Protect your brand

  • One central system to standardise processes

  • Be fully prepared for CQC regulation

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