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Secondary Care Software

NHS and Secondary Care Software

Helping secondary care teams drive transformational change to improve patient outcomes

Are you a Chief Nursing Officer, Director of Quality, or Medical Director seeking a comprehensive solution to elevate patient safety, drive quality improvement, and foster collaborative excellence within secondary care? Our tailored software is designed to fulfil these objectives and more.

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See how we help secondary care teams deliver improved patient outcomes

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    Primary Care Compliance Software in action

    Elevate your Secondary Care compliance

    • Real-time information to make informed decisions
    • Share learnings to improve patient outcomes
    • LFPSE compliant and PSIRF ready
    • Clear oversight and improved regulatory standards

    Over 10,000 locations are already seeing the benefits of Radar Healthcare

    "The way Radar Healthcare links across all streams of work and pulls them together is like a big jigsaw built around the patient."

    Paula Wiggins, Governance Systems Manager at Somerset NHS Foundation Trust

    Somerset NHS Foundation Trust Logo

    Streamlining Quality, Risk, and Compliance with Radar Healthcare 

    One central source of truth with Radar Healthcare 

    Our comprehensive solution for quality, risk, and compliance empowers you to focus on your core mission: improving patient safety. With an intuitive platform designed to cater to secondary care requirements, you can streamline operations, ensuring user-friendliness while centralising critical functions, eliminating the hassle of navigating multiple systems.


    Enhance compliance ratings in Secondary Care

    Understanding and meeting the demands of CQC and NICE standards can be difficult. Especially if you rely on paper records or spreadsheets, finding information can be a time consuming challenge. Radar Healthcare offers a simple solution: quick data retrieval at your fingertips. Considering the CQC’s increased focus on technology in their new strategy, the adoption of digital tools becomes instrumental in effectively meeting regulatory requirements.

    Secondary Care Software

    Foster a culture of continuous improvement 

    Our Incident module serves as a vital tool for recording and reporting patient safety incidents, near misses, and adverse events. This system plays a critical role in not only tracking and analysing potential risks but also in facilitating the Patient Safety Incident Response Framework (PSIRF) and Learning from Patient Safety Events (LFPSE), leading to the implementation of necessary corrective actions. Additionally, our platform caters to patient and family feedback as well as complaints through the same incident module, enabling a comprehensive approach to improving patient experiences.

    Proud of our certifications

    At Radar Healthcare, our mission is to ensure the highest level of data protection and compliance in global health tech, safeguarding patient information and fostering trust. We’re proud to be one of the first healthcare organisations to achieve ISO 27001:2022 certification.

         ISO 9001 Certified ISO 27001 Certified Cyber Essentials Plus Certified HIPAA Verified

    Learn about our certifications

    Case studies from some of our Secondary Care partners

    Somerset NHS Foundation Trust

    Newly merged trust, Somerset NHS Foundation Trust (Somerset FT) is shifting its culture to more modern thinking with the help of Radar Healthcare. We spoke to Stephen Thompson, Associate Director of Integrated Governance, and Paula Wiggins, Governance Systems Manager, from the Trust.

    The part of Radar Healthcare which really gets Somerset FT excited is the analytics. They love that there is very real data that makes a huge difference when it comes to sharing it. This is because it shows trends so it’s easy for them to spot things quickly, whether they’re good or bad. They can then take action from these findings and share their learnings across the trust.

    Read the full case study

    Somerset NHS Foundation Trust

    North Bristol NHS Trust

    North Bristol NHS Trust has partnered with Radar Healthcare to streamline their quality governance processes, transitioning from disparate systems and Excel spreadsheets to a centralised platform.

    This integration consolidates audits, incidents, complaints, and frameworks such as Freedom to Speak Up, enhancing oversight and decision-making from ward to board level. The new system reduces manual data extraction and administrative tasks by integrating with third-party systems like their Electronic Patient Record (EPR) system, providing comprehensive governance and quality assurance across the trust.

    Read the full case study


    Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust

    Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust (GSTT) has partnered with Radar Healthcare to introduce our award-winning risk management and compliance software to its five main hospitals and community services: St Thomas’ Hospital, Evelina London Children’s Hospital, Royal Brompton Hospital, Harefield Hospital and community services in Lambeth and Southwark.

    “We currently have four separate risk management software systems across the whole Trust. We look forward to working with Radar Healthcare to deliver technology which could integrate seamlessly across all our hospitals and community sites and that can be designed to suit our requirements.” – Ashley Parrott, Deputy Director of Quality and Assurance, Guy’s and St Thomas’

    Read our partnership news

    Features of our Secondary Care Software

    • Comprehensive quality oversight

      Our platform centralises critical information, promoting cohesive decision-making among Chief Nursing Officers, Directors of Quality and Medical Directors, streamlining quality enhancement efforts.

    • Boost Compliance in Secondary Care

      Navigate CQC and NICE complexities effortlessly. Radar Healthcare ensures instant data access, enhancing compliance ratings and standards within your secondary care organisation.

    • Understand the bigger picture

      Sentiment Analysis takes data interpretation to another level. It delves into the feelings, attitudes, and opinions embedded in textual data—be it patient feedback, staff discussions, or operational notes—offering profound insights beyond the surface.

    • Machine Learning and AI workflows

      Traditional workflows can be rigid and time-consuming. Our advanced technology brings adaptability and intelligence to the forefront. It learns from patterns, predicts needs, and optimises processes, ensuring your healthcare network operates at its full potential.

    • Scheduled tasks simplified

      Automate routine checks and maintenance tasks, with the option to capture essential information through integrated forms. Schedule recurring tasks for operational efficiency.

    • Interoperable with Leading EPRs

      Seamlessly integrate with systems such as EPIC, CERNER, and ORACLE, ensuring smooth data flow and enhancing the interoperability of your primary care software.

    • Tailored for collaborative roles

      Our software adapts to various roles within secondary care networks. It offers intuitive navigation, personalised reports, and a user-focused interface, fostering collaboration among executives, specialists, and front-line staff to boost operational efficiency.

    • Expert support and onboarding

      Receive dedicated assistance from our expert team to guide your primary care network through implementation and ongoing usage, ensuring a seamless experience from day one.

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    Radar Healthcare has enabled us to digitise our whole workforce compliance process and gain the assurance that our information is always up to date. Ownership of personal documents is now up to each staff member and we can see if they are up to date with the click of a button. Staff and their managers receive reminders if anything is about to expire, so there’s no need to go in and check. The system is easy to use for document purposes and we find that people pick up on it really quickly.

    Colleen Brown, Head of HR at Health Harmonie

    Health Harmonie Logo

    Flexible to fit you

    Whether you’re overseeing a single NHS trust or managing multiple locations, our interconnected product modules empower you to support comprehensive oversight and enhanced patient care. Find everything from audits, event and incident management, risk management, and more, underpinned by our AI-driven analytics.  

    Every Radar Healthcare customer can access Analytics, Action Plans and Notices as standard.
    Add-on our additional modules to build the ideal solution for your organisation

    Radar Healthcare Incident Management SystemRadar Healthcare Audit Management SoftwareRadar Healthcare Workforce Compliance SoftwareRadar Healthcare Action and Improvement PlansRadar Healthcare Document Management SoftwareRadar Healthcare Risk Management SoftwareRadar Healthcare Business Compliance SoftwareRadar Healthcare Analytics and Reporting Software

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    Radar Healthcare is made up of modules so you can pick and choose which you want, and therefore only pay for what you need. Build your plan today and we'll provide you with a personalised quote.

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