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Our Partner Programme

Radar Healthcare – Working in Partnership Across the Sector

At Radar Healthcare we believe that partnership-working with tech providers and specialists across the sector provides the best possible experience for our customers.  

We’re passionate about interoperability and are proud of our Partner APIs which means that any willing provider can integrate with Radar Healthcare.

Our Tech Eco System 

We are proud of our technical solution at Radar Healthcare; using inputs and analytics to create immediate workflows that can affect quality and safety in real-time means actionable insights for true change. There is a real need for joined up, automated, integrated data to be the driving force for continuous improvement so with this in mind we work with partners who share our vision to pull data into our workflow engine from a variety of sources.   

For example, we work with:  

To request a copy of our Partner APIs toolkit, click the button below to get in touch with our Chief Partnerships Officer, Rhian Bulmer

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Our Industry Collaborators

Long standing and trusted partnerships with organisations and individuals are evidence of our commitment to collaborative partnering and ensuring the customer, as an equal stakeholder, has their voice represented within the business. 

A key element of ensuring that we are continuously at the forefront of technology in health and social care, is listening to subject matter experts. This is why we place utmost importance on our community of advisors and specialists and ensure we continue to partner with subject matter experts, including:  

Organisations we partner with:

As well as having an army of experts in our team, we also partner with:

  • Patient Safety Learning: an international charity set up by member of WHO to focus on reducing safety and quality incidents through learning and sharing of best practice.
  • Inicio: A leading innovation organisation with a strong focus on the future of patient safety in technology.

If you are a consultant or an organisation with expertise in risk, quality and safety, please get in touch for details about becoming an associate of Radar Healthcare.

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our partner organisations

“At Radar Healthcare, we're bringing some of the most powerful healthcare platforms together so our end-users can truly utilise their data for meaningful impact. Technology powered healthcare can support the quest for excellence, but tech is the tool, not the whole focus. The only way to make a complex system like health and social care work is through strong partnerships and collaboration."

Rhian Bulmer, Chief Partnerships Officer, Radar Healthcare

Revolutionising Care with Partnership

Our pioneering partnership with HC-One brings together their digital care platform, medication management, digital care plans, and Radar Healthcare’s incident reporting system into one central system.

Antony Hall, Director of Insights, Assurance and Governance at HC-One said: “We’ve worked incredibly close with Radar Healthcare on making sure this is a system that will really help us to improve residents’ care experience and it is an integral part to our future vision. We’re really excited to now be in a position to roll this out throughout our homes and we look forward to seeing the difference this will make to our residents and also our colleagues.”

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If you’re a healthcare organisation or technology partner and want to know more about about our Partner APIs, integrations or strategic partnership benefits click the button below to email our Chief Partnerships Officer, Rhian Bulmer.

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