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Four Seasons Health Care Group - actioning strategies with data

Saving time for everyone with bespoke reports and analytics

When Four Seasons Health Care Group first started their journey with Radar Healthcare in 2020, using data to share learnings was something which was going to be valuable for everyone across the organisation. Now with their tailored system, they have become extremely focused on exactly what information they need and have set up specific dashboards relating to this which has streamlined their reporting.

With Radar Healthcare’s Builder Licence, our partners can adapt their system to satisfy the nuanced working styles and business structures that exist in the healthcare industry. Using the tools available in Radar Healthcare, James Robson, Change Delivery Director at Four Seasons Health Care Group, and his team created dashboards that suited their nationwide business and reports that drill down into the finest details of their individual homes. Overall, they were able to make a product that served their whole organisation with the opportunity to develop the system as the needs of the organisation grew.

Four Seasons Health Care Group was not looking for a generic product, and we weren’t prepared to provide them with one.

“One of the great things about the Builder Licence – and it sounds trivial – but it’s when you build the boards, and you can add a text widget that allows us to put context to the dashboards. This way, the people who aren’t analysts can look at these graphs and we can save them time by explaining what they mean, and it also gives them confidence in the data as well.”

James Robson, Change Delivery Director at Four Seasons Health Care

Staff are also very engaged with the system and how they can instantly demonstrate to regulators and commissioners that their care home is achieving the high-quality standard it should be or exactly how improvements have been made since a previous visit.

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Having confidence in data allows for proactive decisions at FSHC Group

With this data at their fingertips, it also helped to evolve how data is used within the organisation. Before, time was spent locating specific information for meetings. Now, it enables staff to really think about their data and understand what it means rather than spending time wondering how to get hold of it.

James reported that “we can actually focus on the crucial points and find the hotspots where we need to drive that improvement”. He added that their health and safety meetings are now dedicated to actioning strategies instead of making sense of multiple datasets.

Radar Healthcare’s Analytics module gives back time to users by providing easy-to-read graphs consisting of accurate data, allowing for KPIs and objectives to be measured quickly so reaction is swift.

Once Four Seasons Health Care Group had used the system for a few weeks, everyone could feel confident and reassured they know what’s happening in the business because of Radar Healthcare’s simplified dashboards.

“Generally, people love it – that feedback comes from across the business. Radar Healthcare has opened the dashboards up and made this data more accessible to people elsewhere in the organisation.”

James Robson, Change Delivery Director at Four Seasons Health Care Group

Matching the system to your requirements, not your habits

Collaboration was fundamental when it came to understanding what Four Seasons Health Care Group needed and Mark Fewster, Head of Product at Radar Healthcare, has been instrumental in supporting James and the team to ensure they are getting the most out of their system.

James said “When you’re transferring over to analytics from a legacy system, it’s easy to have the ‘we’ve always done it that way’ approach. But Mark has made us think about what we’re doing and what actually works for us. The other thing is that the ideas he’s given us for the future has made this an ongoing relationship. Once people are comfortable with the data we have now, we can move on – and everyone is on board to do that.”

“Understanding what outcomes are needed from our partners helps us to work out what analytics need to be designed. This consideration of our partners’ needs is fundamental to identify what data needs to be captured for those dashboards, who the dashboards are for, and how they will transform the business. It’s just as much as a cultural change as a technical one. In fact, we believe there should be no technical expertise required, because we want all our users to go beyond looking at the dashboards and actually act upon that intelligence to create change.”

Mark Fewster, Head of Product, Radar Healthcare

Accessible data for all

So, what does the future hold for Four Seasons Health Care Group and Radar Healthcare? Four Seasons Health Care Group is looking into automation and workflows to make sure their home managers across the country are receiving the same documents and producing the same reports, ensuring cohesion and community is encouraged as they develop their business further. But for now, they are happy with more detailed insights through reporting and analytics.

James said, “It’s great we’re making data more accessible for different people across our organisation and the feedback is positive. It’s great to think within 12 months from starting the implementation process we have a set of settled dashboards which we can continue to refine as we evolve.”


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