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Experience Oversight Like Never Before With Radar Healthcare's Industry-First CQC Dashboards!

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The Power of Integration

Effective and efficient integration involves combining two or more systems seamlessly.

Radar Healthcare boasts several integration partners including Care Management Software, Electronic Patient Records, Staff Data Systems and external devices such as feedback through QR codes or other forms.

This enables streamlined operations, prioritisation of person-centered care, data-driven decision-making, and adaptability in an industry that is evolving rapidly.

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    Discover some of our integration partners

    What are the benefits?

    • workflow Icon Streamline workflows and save time by consolidating multiple systems
    • dashboard icon Easily access and lookup data in real time for quicker decision making
    • Improved reporting for comprehensive analysis and holistic insights
    • automation icon Automation reduces administrative burden, reduces the time to act, and reduces errors from recurring events
    • Easier to train and induct staff as automation eliminates the need for duplication on multiple systems
    • Better outcomes icon Fosters continuous improvement for better outcomes and care quality

    Ready to improve your processes and elevate healthcare delivery? Contact us now to explore how our integration capabilities can benefit your organisation.

    Radar Healthcare seamlessly integrates with a range of systems:

    • Care-Planning Software
    • Electronic Patient Records
    • Medication platforms
    • HR planning
    and more...

    Innovative, Data-Driven, and Interoperable

    World First Innovation

    World-First Innovation

    Using the principals of IHI and automating the process of clinicians checking multiple records is revolutionising the quality of care.

    Radar Healthcare ‘plugs into’ the Electronic Patient Record system, picking up on pre-set triggers which is believed to be a world-first in healthcare. Doing this reduces errors from recurring events, reduces the time to act after an incident has occurred and gives healthcare organisations an accurate view as to whether they are delivering safe outcomes for the people they support.

    Start the Conversation Early

    When it comes to integration, it is essential to keep in mind the vision of what you hope to achieve and begin those conversations early, ensuring that all stakeholders are aligned and have a clear understanding of the desired outcomes.

    “When it comes to integration, my primary recommendation is to initiate discussions as soon as possible. By doing so, you can align yourself with the process and prepare for any necessary tweaks, even if you do not switch it on immediately. While it may seem intimidating, with proper support, it can be a relatively straightforward process, as we have experienced first-hand.”HC-One, Chris Pearson, Digital Care Manager

    Our Partnership Network

    Our partnership network spans a wide range of industries and people within the health and social care continuum, including consultancy firms, solution providers, industry collaborators, and technology partners. These collaborations enable us to offer comprehensive solutions to our customers and support them in achieving their goals.

    Learn more about our partner programme

    Radar Healthcare Dashboard

    Enhancing Care Delivery with Intelligent Analytics

    Intelligent analytics enable actions to be triggered directly from your data and monitors these patterns to create events, automate notifications around concerns and improve operational intelligence across one or multiple locations.

    In this way, health and social care providers can improve safety, reduce risks, know they are compliant, increase productivity and improve the delivery of care through quality assurance and operational efficiency.

    Empowering health and social care organisations

    We understand that every organisation is unique, and that’s why our product is designed to be flexible and adaptable. Whether you operate residential care homes across multiple locations or you’re an NHS Trust focused on improving the quality of care across all of your departments, our risk, quality and compliance management software can be tailored to your specific requirements. Find everything from audits, incident management, document tracking, risk management and more, underpinned by our AI-driven analytics.


    Every Radar Healthcare customer can access Analytics, Action Plans and Notices as standard.

    • Analytics and Reporting
      Analytics and Reporting
    • Action and Improvement Plans
      Action and Improvement Plans
    • Notices


    Add-on our additional modules to build the ideal solution for your organisation.

    • Incident Management
      Incident Management
    • Audit Management
      Audit Management
    • Document Management
      Document Management
    • Risk Management
      Risk Management
    • Workforce Compliance
      Workforce Compliance

    Radar Healthcare seamlessly integrates with a range of systems

    policy and procedure management

    Care Planning Software

    By integrating your Care Planning Software with Radar Healthcare, user and person supported profiles can automatically be shared. Events can be recorded without delay at the point of care and workflows triggered seamlessly. The outcome, status and other information is also recorded and automatically pushed back into the individual’s care record.

    training and competency management

    Electronic Patient Records

    The interoperability of Radar Healthcare means that it can pull out any data from a patient’s Electronic Patient Record (EPR) that is relevant to the particular, adverse event they have experienced. Doing this reduces time to act, reduces recurring events errors and improves outcomes for the people healthcare organisations support.

    HR Systems and External Feedback

    Our integration with HR systems offers a seamless solution for healthcare organisations to manage their workforce efficiently. This integration allows for the automatic exchange of staff data, including roles, schedules, and training records, ensuring that all information is up-to-date across platforms. You can also bring in feedback from external forms such as QR codes so everything is collated in one place for complete oversight.

    You can also...

    Seamlessly access Radar Healthcare with SSO

    Single Sign-On (SSO) for Radar Healthcare saves time by allowing seamless access to all services with a single login. By streamlining the login process, users can focus more on what really matters.

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    Sync your staff directory with Radar Healthcare

    Effortlessly manage your user accounts with Microsoft Entra ID User Import for Radar Healthcare. Sync your staff directory, automate updates, and reduce workload.

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    Elevate your data analysis with Integration Server Access

    Unlock the full potential of your data with Integration Server Access. Safely access and analyse Radar Healthcare data and run custom reports with your preferred reporting tools.

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