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Case study: Midlands Air Ambulance Charity

Midlands Air Ambulance Charity
(MAAC) operates three air ambulances and three critical care cars covering six Midlands counties, including Gloucestershire, Herefordshire, Shropshire, Staffordshire, Worcestershire, and the West Midlands.

MAAC’s purpose is to provide patients with outstanding pre-hospital care and lifesaving intervention through the operation of helicopter-led emergency medical services – and its vision is “Saving Lives by Saving Time, today, tomorrow and in the future.”

We recently chatted with Darren Davies, Head of Quality and Compliance and CQC Registered Manager from MAAC to discuss the team’s experience of Radar Healthcare after 12 months of using it. Darren covers everything from individual modules and the benefits to top tips and next steps.

Summary of success

  • Increased automation

    Innovation proposals with Radar Healthcare are 75% more streamlined with increased automation compared to the original process

  • AI-powered Analytics

    Radar Healthcare’s innovative, AI-powered analytics allows MAAC to reduce errors and make more accurate data-driven decisions

  • One source of truth

    Collecting all concerns, complaints, and compliments in one centralised location

  • Regulatory compliance

    Easily collect, track, evidence and share feedback to regulatory inspectors

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We are really keen to share our experiences to help other organisations deliver better care for patients. We are not just ticking a box for CQC, we genuinely care about what we do and creating the best possible outcomes for patients. Radar Healthcare helps us to do that by shared learning, learning from excellence and highlighting how we have dealt with any issues.

Darren Davies, Head of Quality and Compliance for Midlands Air Ambulance Charity

Incidents and Events Management

MAAC has been making significant use of Radar Healthcare’s Incident Management module, collecting all concerns, complaints, and compliments in a centralised location.

Early escalation is now possible with Radar Healthcare, with email notifications being sent to the senior team at the point of entry of incidents. Radar Healthcare workflows drive the management of incidents, but early notification enables early action to be taken where required. It also provides the opportunity for shared situational awareness.

We are committed to encouraging a positive incident reporting culture and Radar Healthcare has helped us to be more efficient and automated with it. The information and in-depth dashboards that Radar Healthcare assists us with clinical risk management. We use Radar Healthcare for more than just evidencing compliance and good governance, it is a learning platform that helps us drive positive change.

Darren Davies, Head of Quality and Compliance for Midlands Air Ambulance Charity

MAAC is keen to encourage their workforce to promote new and innovative ideas. The original process was entirely manual. With Radar Healthcare this is 75% more streamlined with increased automation.

Darren said: “We actively encourage innovative thinking as part of our charity’s values, and likewise, cherish innovative ideas to drive improvements in all areas, and in particular how we can improve care to our patients and thank our supporters. We encourage our teams to share new thoughts, ideas, and concepts. The original process involved downloading a form from Radar Healthcare, completing it then using the email system for submission. Other records, such as decisions and implementation were then recorded on a spreadsheet, and providing feedback and updates on progress was usually reliant on emails. Now, this process is streamlined and simple for staff to use as we utilise the event reporting function. It’s quick and easy to submit an innovation proposal and staff can follow its progress as they are able to see the journey of the proposal they have submitted.”

“Aftercare referrals” is another bespoke area developed with Radar Healthcare as a method of enabling referrals to be made from all MACC staff for follow-up. All staff who may have had contact with patients, or their loved ones, can refer to the Aftercare team where there is a potential that further support can be provided. They then use Radar Healthcare to record evidence of contact, support provided, and any feedback about their service. Radar Healthcare allows non-identifiable data to be collected.

The CQC’s new inspection framework encourages providers to collect more feedback from people using their service and evidencing how they act on this to improve their service. With Radar Healthcare’s Incident Management all of this will be very easy to collect, track, and evidence during inspections.

Document Management

Document Management is another module that the MAAC team made effective use of from day one of their Radar Healthcare journey. They are now able to store and manage digital documents and policies in a central and secure location for increased access and visibility.

“As a document library that’s accessible to all with permissions, Radar Healthcare’s Document Management module is ideal for us!” Darren Davies, Head of Quality and Compliance for Midlands Air Ambulance Charity

With the system’s scheduling function, Darren can update policies, schedule content, and document reviews, ensuring they never miss a deadline. MACC is also finding that adding a pending period to their reviews is useful for preparation and reminders that the reviews are coming up.

We really benefit from the pending period functionality. A good example is applying a three-month pending period to organisational policies. This alerts the document owner that the policy is due for renewal in the next three months, allowing time for effective review and committee ratification. The document functionalities ensure ownership and accountability, and the analytics functionality enables easy compliance oversight.

Darren Davies, Head of Quality and Compliance for Midlands Air Ambulance Charity

Top tip for notices

The notice function within Radar Healthcare has great potential for organisations. It provides a method of communicating messages, either to individuals, teams or throughout the organisation. Darren’s tip for managers would be, instead of alerting everyone to everything all the time, keep notice alerts for important messages – and you can monitor who has and has not read the message.

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Workforce Compliance

Radar Healthcare’s digital Workforce Compliance module has allowed the MAAC team better visibility and understanding of the compliance and training requirements of their workforce. MAAC currently uses Workforce Compliance to manage and track employees’ training, appraisals, supervision, and compliance requirements to ensure they stay on top of a fully competent and compliant workforce.

“We still haven’t realised the potential that the workforce compliance module can bring us. We have utilised this to set training requirements, monitor compliance and as a platform for staff to upload evidence of completion of requirements. The report building function enables us to check a requirement and immediately see current completion rates.” Darren Davies, Head of Quality and Compliance at Midlands Air Ambulance Charity

Healthcare Workforce Compliance Software

Risk Management

Previously MAAC manually tracked and monitored risks through Excel spreadsheets. Now, with Radar Healthcare’s fully configurable risk registers and integrated action plans, the team can evidence improvements in service user and patient safety much simpler and easily import relevant data.

“What is really helpful about Radar Healthcare’s Risk Management module are the reminder prompts, such as risks due for review and agreed on dates for completing actions being due. We can easily see the status of actions and reviews required, and any flags that may be overdue. The automated notification function also provides useful prompt reminders to prevent the expiry of planned requirements. Performance of risk management can be easily monitored.” Darren Davies, Head of Quality and Compliance for Midlands Air Ambulance Charity

The automated alerts and reminders have made the MAAC team much more efficient.

Radar Healthcare helps us to manage risks practically, reviewing them when they need to be reviewed rather than by routine scheduled reviews. Reviews are quick and easy to check and record and, if used effectively, this function will help to ensure that risks are managed proportionally and appropriately.

Darren Davies, Head of Quality and Compliance for Midlands Air Ambulance Charity

In addition, Darren and the team are finding that being able to link modules together. For example, incident reports through the Incident Management function can be directly linked to a risk within the Risk Management function. This assists with quantifying risks through the evidence to support risk consequence and likelihood ratings.

Analytics and reporting

Radar Healthcare’s innovative, AI-powered analytics allows MAAC to reduce errors and make more accurate data-driven decisions. Darren says: “Using the analytics and reporting functions prevents the need to manually review numerous individual records and reports in an attempt to identify themes and trends.”

Top tip for reporting

The main advice Darren  can give to people using the software and building reports, is you get out of it what you put into it. Radar Healthcare’s analytics are powerful. They are extremely useful for spotting trends, but the system needs populating. This can be a fairly lengthy process, but in the end, you will reduce the amount of time spent analysing data as the system will do it for you. As a top tip, Darren suggests including tags in your reports. This function allows you to filter more specifically when doing analysis on the reports.

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MAAC has been using Radar Healthcare’s Audits Management software since day one, after previously using manual methods to complete audits, which they found time-consuming and labour intensive. Since switching to a digital solution, the MAAC team creates a streamlined view of all reporting, communications, and data to evidence, monitor, and complete audits more efficiently.

Darren and his team particularly like that they embed a culture of continuous improvement by linking modules, like Audits and Action and Improvement Plans, together to help drive safer outcomes.

We have just signed up for the new and improved audits module. After reviewing the new module, we found it intuitive and added value to what we require from the system as part of our commitment to continuous improvement for the benefit of the patients. We have not experienced the full scope of its capabilities yet, but we are looking forward to using it and I think it will be super beneficial to our auditing processes.

Darren Davies, Head of Quality and Compliance for Midlands Air Ambulance Charity

Top tip for Audits

Understanding the difference between Scheduled Tasks and Audits is important as they both have unique functionalities. Scheduled Tasks are used for routine checks and can be linked to a form to capture any information required. These checks can be scheduled to automatically recur.  Whereas, Audits can be linked to other modules, like Action and Improvement Plans, to create a single view of all actions arising from an Audit – this helps us to evidence good compliance and governance.

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Next steps

“From my experience of the first 12 months, Radar Healthcare reflects our own service, in terms of innovation, updates, and support. It is always adapting and evolving to individual’s needs. As a customer that constantly wants to improve our processes, having a system that has the same mindset is excellent!”  Darren Davies, Head of Quality and Compliance for Midlands Air Ambulance Charity

Darren continues: “So, what we have learned is the power of event reporting and automated workflows. It is an ongoing process, but there are four new things that are hot off the press for us that we have started to build our 12-month review now, innovations, Safety Alerts, Facilities Management, and Aftercare Referral Events. There is much more potential in the future, but we are really looking forward to making more use of these areas.”

Alongside this the next step is to implement the new and improved Audits Management module e that was launched earlier this year – and together we will look for new and innovative ways to continue to improve their service and offer support.

After 12 months of working alongside MAAC, we are incredibly pleased with their progress. The team is seeing remarkable success within all areas of the product. The team is also working on implementing safety alerts and facilities management with Radar Healthcare.

Alicia Ahmed, Customer Success Manager, Radar Healthcare

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