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Healthcare Analytics

Welcome to the next generation of healthcare business intelligence

Radar Healthcare’s innovative analytics with artificial intelligence allows healthcare organisations to reach the highest levels of compliance rating.

Data analytics automatically triggers actions to ensure your company’s compliance and performance are always monitored and improved. Remove the need to manually analyse data or wait until month end to report on performance.

Smart KPIs bespoke to your data ensure you’re immediately informed when criteria are not met, or when anomalies are spotted. For example, Radar Healthcare automatically detects if users are raising an increased number of infection events and will create an outbreak event. This will have all associated process and task ownership assigned without any time lag or manual intervention.

Working alongside our other product modules, our analytics ensures compliance risks are mitigated, and improvements are made from incidents, events, and audits.

“The part of Radar Healthcare that really stood out was the analytics. Everyone expects systems to be able to display data, but what really stood out for us as a wow moment is when the smart AI can show you this is what you do know, now let me show you something you don’t know.”
– Somerset NHS Foundation Trust

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  • See your data in an easy to digest dashboard

  • Actions automatically triggered when your data flags an issue

  • Gain next generation intelligence in healthcare

  • Save time on your regulatory compliance management

Key features

  • Machine learning technology

    Users can gain new insights from data that were previously unknown, hidden, or unreachable - all with a single click.

  • AI driven smart KPIs

    Radar Healthcare’s Pulse function uses machine learning to identify and keep on top of key performance indicators. You’ll receive automatic notifications when something needs your attention via 3 ways; based on your own thresholds, when anomalies are automatically detected or you can just set it up so you always received updates.

  • Easy to use dashboard

    Our dashboards are so simple to understand, that anyone can interpret the data. You can set up reports and export them ready for board meetings, or as evidence of performance for regulators.

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