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Analytics Builder

Radar Healthcare is customised with each specific partner in mind to ensure that every module in the system is suited exactly to their needs.

But we understand that businesses change – we want you to develop as you utilise Radar Healthcare – and so we offer the Analytics Builder to those who want to expand their insights through data analysis.


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What is an Analytics Builder?

With the Analytics Builder, you can create fully interactive dashboards with data you value being displayed in one place.

Adding and formatting widgets, indicators and gauges to measure exactly what you want and how you want it will provide you with that particular insight and reporting function that you have been looking for with current or previous methods or legacy systems.

Bespoke reporting helps to gain back time from manually collating and analysing data, leaving you able to plan actions and inform decision-making from various levels in your business .

“One of the great things about the Builder Licence – and it sounds trivial – but it’s when you build the boards, and you can add a text widget that allows us to put context to the dashboards. This way, the people who aren’t analysts can look at these graphs and we can save them time by explaining what they mean, and it also gives them confidence in the data as well.”

James Robson, Change Delivery Director at Four Seasons Health Care

How does it work?

With our drag-and-drop web design, it’s simple to pull the items that you need the most on a dashboard for analysis and reporting.

Using fields, variables and conditions from a wide range of data sources, you can combine and refine your findings to a level based on your role, location or department.

Don’t worry if that sounds out of your comfort zone! Our team works with you every step of the way to make sure you’re not overwhelmed and can learn as you go.


Accessible to all

Use the Analytics Builder to create a multi-layered dashboard for our Analytics module, with multiple visual options such as line charts, pivots and heatmaps.

Four Seasons Health Care Group reported that “we can focus on crucial points and find hotspots where we can drive improvement”. They added that health and safety meetings are now used to action strategies instead of making sense of unfamiliar data.

Providing a different view on data helps to reach new perspectives on situations.


See how it could change your business

What else can it do?

You can use your Analytics Builder to connect data sources to each other, to compare and contrast against different parts of your organisation i.e., comparing fall events across locations over a period of time.

It’s great we’re making data more accessible for different people across our organisation and the feedback is positive. Within 12 months from starting the implementation process we have a set of settled dashboards which we can continue to refine as we evolve.

Four Seasons Health Care Group

Data is in everything

As our industry steadily continues with digital adoption, the need for bespoke options will also increase. Radar Healthcare not only works with you to create your ideal system but gives you the confidence to tweak and perfect how to collect, store, and visualise your data – so you can achieve and exceed your own objectives.

The Analytics Builder is a perfect addition for organisations who are or who want to be data-driven, so they can make decisions informed on real situations that are specific to their business.

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