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Case Study: Avery Healthcare

Avery Healthcare is well-known in the industry, with 4000 residents and 5000 workers in 60 care homes across the country. We spoke to Sharon Winfield, Chief Operating Officer at Avery Healthcare, to understand why the organisation has moved to Radar Healthcare at such an exciting time for both organisations.

Recording data for residents’ wellbeing

Avery Healthcare wanted to record and document metrics and data which specifically related to their residents’ wellbeing, data that isn’t regularly recorded on off-the-shelf systems. For instance, they collect data on whether residents have daily outdoor activity. As this was something important to the organisation, Avery Healthcare had created a system for themselves, in-house to enable them to record this.

However, needing a more effective way to measure events, Avery Healthcare looked at different systems that not only drill down into the risk around the home, but also the well-being of the residents and the staff.

Sharon added: Our priority is keeping our residents and the business safe, so we needed something that matched it in every way, so it doesn’t put too much pressure on the managers.

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Exceeding objectives

Avery Healthcare’s objectives were to ensure documenting and recording data was easy for their workers, including agency staff who are unfamiliar with the system. That data also needs to be up-to-date; with 60 locations, resident and staff data must be correct for analytics to perform well for future strategy, including scalability.

When those analytics from various locations are available across the whole company, Sharon hopes the homes will be using tablets all the time, removing all use of paper-based methods. But they are gradually introducing Radar Healthcare to their staff, with the help of our support team, to make sure each aspect of the system is perfect.

If something isn’t working well, we’ll jump on it straight away with [Radar Healthcare]. We’re working very closely with Radar Healthcare to make sure we’ve got the right fit.

Sharon Winfield, COO, Avery Healthcare

Taking Radar Healthcare for a test drive

At Radar Healthcare, we are keen to see our partners making the system their own and when Sharon told us about their pilot scheme, we had to know more.

“When we’re introducing something new, we always pilot it with a handful of homes, and hold weekly meetings to check on its progress and how well it’s doing. There are 11 regional managers, and every regional manager was involved in the pilot, so every region has a champion to ensure we’ve got this right, and that everybody’s having a voice.”

Motivation within the workforce is important to Sharon and Avery Healthcare, to ensure staff retention continues to be high. But sometimes it can be difficult to keep home managers engaged when so much of working in care is around regulation as opposed to the actual care of residents.

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We now demonstrate positive outcomes, so we can use that as evidence to the CQC. If we encourage staff posting positive events as well as incidents on Radar Healthcare, we are going to be able to present these great experiences in our homes to our investors, the CQC and other regulators.

Sharon Winfield, COO, Avery Healthcare

Radar Healthcare’s auditing module allows for care workers to complete a range of audits on the go instead of being under a pile of paperwork. This dynamic way of doing audits takes the dread out of the task and helps organisations when external auditors come into their homes. We even offer our own checklists to ensure you are prepared for that visit.

Giving end-of-life care the praise it deserves

Like many care homes, Avery Healthcare has been through a tough couple of years. The organisation offers counselling to staff to ensure they don’t blame themselves when times are tough. It was critical to retain their well-being and to help them in their working lives too.”

Sharon sees how Radar Healthcare will be able to support teams in that journey, particularly when it comes to end-of-life cases. “Radar Healthcare will help to evidence the great care they provide to our residents and end of life care.

“End-of-life analytics has been difficult to track before but, with Radar Healthcare, there are modules to show this.”

End of life care is a part of our job, and we can’t shy away from that. We will be able to prove how well we do end-of-life care with Radar Healthcare.

Sharon Winfield, COO, Avery Healthcare

Knowing that your team is doing a great job ensures that they continue doing that same brilliant work – something Avery Healthcare does every day.

Avery Healthcare continues to expand in size and develop its offerings all the time, and Radar Healthcare will adapt alongside to accommodate any changes they make to their services, improving the quality of care for both residents and staff.

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