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Action and improvement plans

Fully integrated action plans ensure any issues of poor performance are quickly identified, managed and tracked.

Digitise your processes with Radar Healthcare so that when it comes to creating an action plan, it’s made easy. 

Review action and service improvement plans at a local or organisational level to spot trends, best practice and learnings. This leads to preventative action planning and continual service improvements.

Clever connecting of action plan items with our audit and incident functionality allows multiple items to be linked, so that the loop between non-conformities and required improvements is closed. This also avoids repetition of workloads and unnecessary duplication, allowing your team more time to provide care.

“The number of incidents reported increased from an average of 4 per month to 35 with the introduction of Radar Healthcare – meaning the CQC can see we’re accurately reporting and actioning incidents to drive continuous improvement.”
– Spark Medical

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Radar Healthcare Action Plans Screenshot


  • Drive real change and encourage a culture of continuous improvement

  • Gain a business wide view at service and organisation level

  • Shift from a reactive to a proactive approach to driving improvements

  • Automatically assign owners and encourage full accountability

Key features

  • In-built reminders

    Radar Healthcare’s automatic notifications and reminders ensures actions are completed by the right person at the right time.

  • Trackable actions against joined-up events and audits

    Build up a bigger picture view of how events and audits are linked, making it easier to understand trends and actions to efficiently rectify issues.

  • Digital processes

    Radar Healthcare replaces paper-based processes and negates the need for individual excel spreadsheets. Not only does this improve efficiency and data security, it also greatly reduces the risk of human error.

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