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Four Seasons Health Care Group - Enhancing Care Processes

We spoke to Craig Rainford, Operations Systems Manager at Four Seasons Health Care Group, about how Radar Healthcare supported their evolution as a business. By using our software, they have replaced three systems with one, making them more efficient and achieving a 65% saving in system license fees.

In May 2020, Four Seasons Health Care Group began their journey with Radar Healthcare to support their Intermediate Care Framework (ICF) function. After initially implementing our software in 9 care homes for ICF, they rolled it out to all 172 locations. The initial roll-out focused on action plans and home and regional audits, followed by incident management.

Four Seasons Health Care Group holds contracts with the NHS where a number of beds in specific services are reserved for patients requiring Intermediate Care. They required a solution that created cost savings and allowed them to evidence meeting the requirements of those NHS contracts whilst aligning with their current processes. Together with the other modules that would be launched at a later date, they decided that Radar Healthcare was the best option for them.

The most important thing for us as a business is that we are providing the best care possible to our residents. By simplifying our systems stack and streamlining our business processes with Radar Healthcare, we’ve been able to save our operations team valuable time that they can now spend caring for our residents, rather than completing documentation.

Craig Rainford, Operations Systems Manager at Four Seasons Health Care Group

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Flexible and adaptable

Craig Rainford and James Robson, Change Delivery Director, were looking for a supplier that could be as flexible with their rollout as they needed, whilst Four Seasons Health Care looked to change the culture across their operations and care quality teams. Radar Healthcare created their largest workflow at that time for Four Seasons Health Care for their bespoke ICF processes and broke the various module projects into tangible chunks when implementing. This was important so the separate teams could fully understand each part of the implementation journey and ensure maximum engagement. Collaboration was key in this project for all involved.

It was all hands on deck to implement the software and it proved the worth of Radar Healthcare that they could meet our deadline and get the software implemented so quickly. We haven’t had any issues with the system either, which is common when implementing new software.

Craig Rainford, Operations Systems Manager at Four Seasons Health Care

Supporting all aspects of your business

When onboarding the software, Four Seasons Health Care Group had tight deadlines to work to. Our Projects team worked hard to get them up and running within 8 weeks, creating a bespoke deployment plan, testing phase and also running a pilot site.

At Radar Healthcare, customers are assigned a dedicated Project Manager along with a Customer Success Manager as their project begins. Their Project Manager, Sarah Adams, supported Four Seasons Health Care throughout the implementation. Their Customer Success Manager, Ellie Jordan, was also there every step of the way, ensuring Craig and the team were confident in achieving their goals.

Achieve your goals with Radar Healthcare

Tailoring the system to your needs

For their Intermediate Care Framework needs, Four Seasons Health Care assesses patients using the Barthel index, which is an ordinal scale used to measure performance in activities of daily living (ADL). Each performance item is rated on this scale with a given number of points assigned to each level or ranking. With Radar Healthcare, they were able to create bespoke workflows to help record Barthel Index scores together with a suite of risk assessments throughout a patient’s time within one of their ICF services. This process is referred to as the “ICF Patient Journey” and together with enabling them to evidence care delivered they’re also able to use the information recorded to understand when a patient is ready to be discharged.

Radar Healthcare has been instrumental in improving Four Seasons Health Care’s patient experience as they can now show, through digital evidence, that they are improving people’s independence and returning them to independent living quickly and safely.

On top of this, Radar Healthcare gives the team the ability to create reports that help to evidence they are providing the best service and meeting the requirements of their NHS contracts.

The ICF Patient Journey has allowed the Home Manager and support team to monitor the journey, and ensure patients have their assessments completed on time. We are required to provide evidence of patients’ admission, discharge and destination to local authorities. With Radar Healthcare, we can create reports that both evidence the success of our services and enable us to produce comparative data between services or one particular service over time.

Yvonne Roe, Head of Intermediate Care at Four Seasons Health Care Group

Simplifying their system stack

Four Seasons Health Care Group were able to replace three systems with just one, centralising data from those 3 systems and the processes within for their nationwide business, not to mention saving them 65% in licence fees has been a key benefit. This means that they now have a single common interface, enabling deployment of new processes much more quickly than before, because team members already now have an understanding of how to use Radar Healthcare following the initial implementation.

We have been using Radar Healthcare for our Incident Management processes since April 2021. We previously lacked confidence to change to a different supplier due to the complexity and significant size of the project, but our whole experience with Radar Healthcare gave us both the encouragement and confidence that we needed. It was clear they understood the challenge and would be able to support us every step of the way. The fact that we’ve been able to do this without any major issues and on time is one of our big successes with Radar Healthcare.

Craig Rainford, Operations Systems Manager at Four Seasons Health Care Group

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