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Season 1: EP026: Driving Change with Data, with Mark Fewster

06 October 2022


  • Analytics
  • Healthtech
  • Season One

Radar Healthcare’s Analytics Module: Revolutionising Data Analysis in HealthTech

It’s Project Manager Corrina Plant’s first go at hosting this week, and she’s chatting to What the HealthTech regular, Mark Fewster! Corrina and Mark break down how Radar Healthcare’s Analytics module can transform how an organisation thinks about data and their futures.

On this week’s episode of What the HealthTech, Corrina Plant, Project Manager here at Radar Healthcare, interviews Mark Fewster, Chief Product Officer, about our Analytics module. Mark discusses the technical aspects of the analytics platform, highlighting the importance of both front-end visualisations and back-end data processing. He explains how the Analytics module not only analyses their own data but can also integrate with external sources, providing scalability and flexibility.

Mark highlights the uniqueness of the analytics model, which incorporates state-of-the-art features like machine learning and artificial intelligence. These features, such as Insights Miner and Exploration Paths, automate the process of uncovering insights from data, simplifying complex analysis for users. Moreover, Mark discusses the future of the Analytics module, focusing on enhancements such as predictive analytics and natural language query capabilities to make data interpretation more accessible and actionable for users.

Watch the podcast interview with Mark and Corrina

Topics covered:

  • Advanced analytics leveraging machine learning
  • Integration with external data sources for scalability
  • Simplified data interpretation with natural language queries
  • Future enhancements including predictive analytics

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