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Benefits of centralised data management

19 October 2020


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There are several benefits to moving your operational data and information to one centralised system. Whether it’s centralising data into one database or aggregating data from multiple systems into one reporting function, having everything in one place has the following advantages:

#1 Improved data integrity

Consolidating your data into a central location provides assurance, accuracy and reliability as you have one single source of truth. Data portability also becomes easier as you have a consistent approach to data storage and formatting.

#2 Reduced data redundancy

With multiple, siloed databases, there can often be data duplication where records and information are stored in more than one location. By centralising data, you can significantly reduce data redundancy, which minimises errors and simplifies access to information. Everyone is working with the same data set and to the same set of rules.

#3 Reduced cost

Centralised management of data can reduce costs in several areas including data administration functions and licence fees for multiple software packages. Collating and analysing data from multiple systems can be time consuming so bringing this together removes the need to consult several data sources.

#4 Valuable insights

By bringing all your data together, you can start to improve your business intelligence capability; providing insights and understanding progress towards KPIs and thresholds associated with these. You can more easily design protocols for management reporting and analysis.

#5 Centralised reporting

Centralised management of data doesn’t necessarily mean that you only have one information management system. With an interoperable approach, automating the aggregation of data from multiple sources into one central reporting function provides great benefits, ensuring that you have full visibility over your operational activity, wherever this is managed.

Radar Healthcare’s modern software brings together all your operational data into one central system; giving health and care organisations real-time visibility of performance and variation across one or multiple sites.

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