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Season 2: EP 009: Innovation in Healthcare: Data Driven Event Triggers, Interoperable Systems, and Beyond

08 February 2024


  • Healthtech
  • Patient Safety
  • Season Two

In this episode of What the HealthTech, we explore data-driven event triggers, the pivotal role of Radar Healthcare’s API, and dive into real-world examples that underscore the immense benefits for healthcare partners. Join us as we navigate the landscape of healthcare innovation, where breakthroughs in patient safety and efficiency redefine the future of the industry.

Imagine if you had one system that talks to multiple, allowing you to identify incidents and risks, report on them centrally, and trigger alerts and workflows automatically – all while significantly saving you time and enhancing patient safety.

This week’s episode of What the HealthTech talks about how health and social care organisations can do just that with Radar Healthcare! Join us as we sit down with Paul Johnson, CEO and Co-Founder, Mark Fewster, Chief Product Officer at Radar Healthcare, for an insightful conversation about world-firsts and innovation in healthcare.

Discover the groundbreaking impact of data driven event triggers (also known as Institute of Healthcare Improvement Triggers or IHI Triggers) on global healthcare systems and understand their pivotal role in the industry. Explore the automation of patient harm prevention and discover how Radar Healthcare’s API plays a transformative role in shaping the future of healthcare.

Mark shares examples whilst highlighting the substantial benefits for our partners. Tune in for a concise and insightful exploration of healthcare innovation with industry leaders!

Watch the podcast interview with Mark and Paul


Topics covered:

  • Centralised incident and risk identification
  • Automated alerts and workflows
  • Utilisation of data-driven event triggers
  • Transformative role of Radar Healthcare's API

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