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Regulatory compliance


Putting a compliance plan in place is essential to protecting your brand, showing compliance and continuous learning to regulatory boards and evidencing safe care.

Our regulatory compliance management software provides you with one central source of truthIt’s cloud-based and accessible remotely on different devices. 

Ensure all staff have access to the latest regulation through policies stored in the document management function. On top of this, gain assurance that staff have read and understood any regulatory information sent to them through Radar Healthcare. 

Log all incidents and the software will automatically assign action and improvement plans off the back of them. This evidences to regulatory bodies that you learn from issues in order to avoid them in future. 

A vital measure of compliance regulation is auditing. With Radar Healthcare, cover a wide range of audits such as health and safety, KLOE, and clinical audits. Any issues flagged from these audits will automatically trigger action plans to prevent future discrepancies and you can set KPIs to ensure performance is always on track.

“We have much greater transparency of our compliance. We are now able to correctly plan and manage issues more effectively. When the CQC has seen Radar Healthcare, they have been really impressed, as have our NHS customers, who now specifically ask for data out of Radar Healthcare.”
– ERS Medical

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  • Protect your brand

  • Evidence compliance clearly

  • One central source of truth

  • Assurance staff are up to date

  • Digital audits with automatic action plans

Just a few of Radar Healthcare’s features:

Automatic alerts
Audit trail
Attaching evidence
Report builder
Central dashboard
In-built KLOE audit
Permissions by role
Intelligent analytics

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