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Business compliance

Track and manage location based tasks and recurring checks with Radar Healthcare’s business compliance management software.

Manage any type of important business compliance related activity such as building and equipment inspections, fire alarm tests and other organisational protocols.

All tasks can be logged with personalised context aware forms, associated evidence and documentation.

Never miss a deadline. Radar Healthcare’s scheduling function ensures that tasks are automatically assigned for the next occurrence.

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Radar Healthcare Notices


  • Easy-to-use forms for managing business compliance

  • Automatic scheduling of recurring tasks

  • Evidence compliance

  • Drive performance to the highest regulatory rating

Key features

  • Simple forms to complete

    No more complicated paper forms. Radar Healthcare's easy form builder means you can personalise to your heart's desire.

  • Automatically schedule recurring tasks

    Never miss a deadline with Radar Healthcare's scheduling function. Automatically assign tasks for the next occurrence.

  • State of the art analytics

    Easily spot trends in performance through Radar Healthcare’s user-friendly analytics. Enjoy analytics incorporated with smart KPIs, machine learning and artificial intelligence.

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