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What the HealthTech?

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‘What the HealthTech?’ is a podcast from Radar Healthcare. A platform for professionals in health and social care to have open discussions on creating change, tackling challenges and making an impact on people’s lives. Each week we’ll be talking to industry leaders, organisations making a difference and our team of experts to share ideas and learnings with you. So tune in for all the latest in healthcare! Make sure you subscribe and look out for your new episode every Thursday!


EP001: Becoming Radar Healthcare

Hayley Levene, Head of Marketing at Radar Healthcare talks to Paul Johnson & Lee Williams about their journey to where they are today – nearly 10 years on.

Ep002: Dementia is a Team Game

Radar Healthcare’s CEO Paul Johnson talks to Big Ian Donaghy about his campaigning to combat loneliness and raise awareness for dementia, and how you can get involved to support this amazing cause.

EP003: A Pocketful of Kindness

In part two of Big Ian Donaghy, Radar Healthcare’s CEO Paul Johnson talks to him about his most recent initiative ‘a pocketful of kindness’ and what he’s got planned for the future!

EP004: The Road to Patient Safety

In this week’s episode, Mark Fewster, Head of Product and Innovation at Radar Healthcare talks to Marcos Manhaes, NHS Improvement and Paul Ewers, Milton Keynes University Hospitals NHS Trust about the journey from NRLS to LFPSE and the future benefits the NHS could see.

EP005: Working Towards Mental Health Awareness

This week is our mental health awareness week special. Justine Abson, Senior Marketing Manager and Mental Health First Aider at Radar Healthcare talks to Georgina Watkinson, Mental Health First Aid Trainer at Curve Learning. They talk about why MHFA should be as important as physical first aid, how you’re more likely to come across someone who has suicidal thoughts than requires CPR and what to expect in a mental health first aid course.