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What the HealthTech?

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‘What the HealthTech?’ is a podcast from Radar Healthcare. A platform for professionals in health and social care to have open discussions on creating change, tackling challenges and making an impact on people’s lives. Each week we’ll be talking to industry leaders, organisations making a difference and our team of experts to share ideas and learnings with you. So tune in for all the latest in healthcare! Make sure you subscribe and look out for your new episode every Thursday!


EP034: Getting to grips with PSIRF, with Helen Hughes

Chief Product Officer Mark Fewster met with Chief Executive Helen Hughes to get the lowdown on the NHS’s new Patient Safety Incident Response Framework. Listen in to find out how this is going to drive an open and just culture, what can be expected after the transition, and why the implementation process is key in PSIRF’s success.

EP033: Bringing the Community together, with Ellie Jordan

This week, Mark Fewster interviews Product Owner, Ellie Jordan. Ellie, as well as working with Mark on improving and enhancing our system, is heading our Community Forum, which will revolutionise how we speak with our partners – and how they speak with each other too.

EP032: The power of listening, with Joanne Howard (Part 2)

Malling Health’s Joanne Howard is back with Hayley on What The HealthTech, with the conversation turning to perception and communication with patients, service users and colleagues. This is a really lovely chat where we get more insight into Joanne’s nursing background and how we can all benefit from being more confident!

EP031: The power of listening, with Joanne Howard (Part 1)

We’re so lucky to have Joanne Howard from Malling Health with us for the first of two fantastic episodes! This week, Joanne speaks to Radar Healthcare’s Head of Marketing Hayley Levene about the power of listening in healthcare and how treating patients as people makes a huge difference.

EP030: A Day with a Dev, with Julio Isoba Blanco

Chief Product Officer Mark Fewster hosts What The HealthTech? this week, having a chat with Julio Isoba Blanco on what a developer does all day. The conversation touches on our Analytics performance, our plans for the Audits module, and advice for budding devs who want to get into the industry!

EP029: Where What The HealthTech started, with Hayley Levene

Previous podcast guest Terry Murphy puts our Head of Marketing Hayley Levene in the spotlight this week! Terry and Hayley have known each other for years, but Terry learns in this episode what really makes Hayley tick and why she decided to create What The HealthTech.

EP028: Learning from tragedy, with Peter Walsh (Part 2)

Hayley Levene and Peter Walsh are back this week to continue their conversation about Peter’s experiences as CEO of Actions against Medical Accidents (AvMA) and how the culture around avoidable harm has changed over AvMA’s 40-year history.

EP027: Learning from tragedy, with Peter Walsh (Part 1)

Hayley Levene spoke to current CEO of Actions against Medical Accidents (AvMA), Peter Walsh, about his role in improving patient welfare and the part AvMA plays in supporting those affected, their families, and the staff involved in those incidents.

EP026: Driving change with data, with Mark Fewster

It’s Project Manager Corrina Plant’s first go at hosting this week, and she’s chatting to What The HealthTech regular Mark Fewster! Corrina and Mark break down how Radar Healthcare’s Analytics module can transform how an organisation thinks about data and their futures.

EP025: Celebrating our industry with Josh Waddell

Justine sits down with Josh Waddell, publisher at Promedia Digital, who is responsible for Care Home Professional, Home Care Insights, and Social Care Professional. Josh lifts the lid on working in media within the care industry, as well as overseeing the third Leaders in Care Awards, and what makes all the hard work worth it!

EP024: Caring about care with Jasmeet Rai (Part 2)

Justine and Jasmeet are back talking about how important social care is to our society. The pair talk about best practices, misconceptions about social care, and really understanding the people that make up our industry.

EP023: Caring about care with Jasmeet Rai (Part 1)

Justine is joined by Jasmeet Rai, Associate Director at RCH Care Homes, who explains to us what the Institute of Health and Social Care Management is and how they are helping people in the social care sector – both staff and service users. Listen to also find out about the Social Care Innovators, the People Plan, and what’s next for IHSCM.

EP022: Health, happiness and helping each other

Hayley finally gets our National Business Development Manager Terry Murphy onto the podcast to talk about his mammoth career with the NHS. The two talk about their work in healthcare, how the NHS has changed over the decades, and what we should know as we move into a new chapter post-COVID. Hayley also asks Terry about his time on the other side of the hospital bed that changed his perspective on life, work, and the NHS.

EP021: How to Change your Perception of Success

Chief Product Officer Mark Fewster speaks with iTS Leadership’s Judy Walker on transforming your understanding through after action reviews. Digressions include paediatric care in the 90s, ‘Six Blind Men and an Elephant’, and learning to trust others.

EP020: Why Security Matters

This week, Mike Taylor speaks to Jonathan Alsop, Quality and Information Security Manager at Radar Healthcare all about the importance of security in a healthcare environment and what it means for us here too at RH.

EP019: Onboarding your Perfect Package

Justine Abson puts Senior Project Manager Sarah Adams in the hotseat this week about implementing a new software. We also get to learn about Sarah’s working day, what turns a great project into an amazing partnership, and engaging everyone from CEOs to frontline workers.

EP018: iatro, Giving Control Back to the Practice: Part 2

This week, Hayley Levene is back speaking to the Founder & CEO of iatro, Thomas Porteus to continue the conversation about the importance of digital access and communication within the NHS and best practices.

EP017: iatro, Giving Control Back to the Practice: Part 1

This week, Hayley Levene speaks to the Founder & CEO of iatro, Thomas Porteus. iatro partners with Primary Care organisations to deliver digital health solutions that empower, support, and connect. In this episode, Hayley and Thomas discuss the importance of digital access and communication within the NHS and best practices.

EP016: How to Ace Your Implementation

Have you some questions about installing a new system but don’t know who to ask? Chloe Weatherhead, our Head of Customer Experience sat down with our Head of Marketing Hayley Levene to dish out her expert advice for a successful implementation,

EP015: Are you Visible to New Patients or Residents?

This week, Justine Abson speaks to Digital PR experts Rebecca Moss & Lauren Wilden. Rebecca and Lauren help health and social care organisations to focus on brand presence, perception and protection, making sure they’re visible to both new patients or residents and maintain a great brand reputation.

EP014: Integrating with Success

This week, Chloe Weatherhead speaks to Mike Taylor, CTO, about the benefits of integrating systems and what to think about when considering whether the different systems in your organisation need to ‘talk to each other’.

EP013: Our Innovation Roadmap

Paul Johnson and Mark Fewster talk about Radar Healthcare’s innovation roadmap and some of the exciting things coming up for our partners.

EP012: Partner to Employee

Hayley Levene talks to Craig Rainford who’s just joined Radar Healthcare as Project Manager after 20 years at Four Seasons Healthcare. Hayley and Craig talk the passion in the industry and why he decided to make the move after two decades.

EP011: Bridging the Gender Gap

Senior Marketing Manager Justine Abson speaks to Public Policy Project’s Health Equity Advisor Lottie Moore on the health issues that women and girls face and how policymakers are looking to help those inequalities.

EP010: People and Partnerships

This week, Rob Place interviews Mark Harrison, Customer Success Manager about the importance of partnership working and what organisations need to look for in a supplier.

EP009: Shaping the Future of Public Policy

Hayley Levene speaks to Lee Davies and Lottie Moore from Public Policy Projects, all about the work they do to influence public policy and the impact this could have on health and social care.

EP:008: Supercharging the Adoption of Innovation

This week, Paul Johnson and Mark Fewster reflect on the recent roundtable session Radar Healthcare ran at Digital Health Rewired in March.

EP007: Gaining the ideal work culture

In this week’s episode, Hannah Wilkinson, Head of People and Culture is a guest. Hannah talks about how a positive workforce culture can help you to attract and retain staff in the health and social care world.

EP006: The Road to Improved Patient Safety – Part 2

This week, Mark Fewster is back with Marcos (NHS Improvement) & Paul (MKUH) to talk more about the LFPSE journey so far, the ups and the downs and what other trusts can learn from Milton Keynes University Hospital NHS Trust.

EP005: Working Towards Mental Health Awareness

This week is our mental health awareness week special. Justine Abson, Senior Marketing Manager and Mental Health First Aider at Radar Healthcare talks to Georgina Watkinson, Mental Health First Aid Trainer at Curve Learning. They talk about why MHFA should be as important as physical first aid, how you’re more likely to come across someone who has suicidal thoughts than requires CPR and what to expect in a mental health first aid course.

EP004: The Road to Patient Safety

In this week’s episode, Mark Fewster, Head of Product and Innovation at Radar Healthcare talks to Marcos Manhaes, NHS Improvement and Paul Ewers, Milton Keynes University Hospitals NHS Trust about the journey from NRLS to LFPSE and the future benefits the NHS could see.

EP003: A Pocketful of Kindness

In part two of Big Ian Donaghy, Radar Healthcare’s CEO Paul Johnson talks to him about his most recent initiative ‘a pocketful of kindness’ and what he’s got planned for the future!

Ep002: Dementia is a Team Game

Radar Healthcare’s CEO Paul Johnson talks to Big Ian Donaghy about his campaigning to combat loneliness and raise awareness for dementia, and how you can get involved to support this amazing cause.

EP001: Becoming Radar Healthcare

Hayley Levene, Head of Marketing at Radar Healthcare talks to Paul Johnson & Lee Williams about their journey to where they are today – nearly 10 years on.

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