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Season 2: EP 007: Securing Healthcare Excellence: Highlighting the importance of ISO 27001:2022

14 December 2023


  • Season Two

Dive into the realm of healthcare security and the transition to ISO 27001:2022 in a compelling conversation between Jonathan Alsop, Data Protection and Quality Lead at Radar Healthcare, and Denis McCarthy, a regional assessor at NQA.

As one of NQA’s first clients to transition to ISO 27001:2022, join Jonathan Alsop, Data Protection and Quality Lead at Radar Healthcare, in a captivating conversation with Denis McCarthy, a regional assessor at NQA – global certification limited, as they dive deep into the world of information security within healthcare.

In this episode, they delve into the crucial significance of information security within healthcare, unravelling its true essence and its profound impact on delivering top-tier healthcare outcomes.

Additionally, they cover off things like the critical importance of ISO 27001:2022, best practices for obtaining other certifications, and how Radar Healthcare’s dedicated Compliance Team consistently ensures security excellence. The latest version of ISO 27001 was published in October 2022, replacing ISO 27001:2013. By 1st November 2025, clients must transition their certificate to ISO 27001:2022 – something Radar Healthcare has done with plenty of time to spare.

Watch the podcast interview with Denis and Jonathan 


Topics covered:

  • Importance of Information Security in Healthcare
  • Significance and impact of ISO 27001:2022 transition
  • Best practices for obtaining certifications
  • Radar Healthcare's dedication to security excellence

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