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Season 2: EP 001: The metrics that mean a good quality of life for service users

22 September 2023


  • Healthtech
  • Season Two

Data-Driven Approach: How Technology Elevates Tailored Care at Exemplar Health Care

Join the conversation between Exemplar Health Care’s Clinical Director, Helen Baxendale, and Radar Healthcare’s Chief Partnerships Officer, Rhian Bulmer, as they delve into the profound significance of individualised care and its transformative impact on both service users and staff members.

Helen chats to our Chief Partnerships Officer, Rhian Bulmer in the latest episode of ‘What The HealthTech’ where it’s clear to see the passion Exemplar Health Care have for their service users and ensuring the care they receive is all about what matters most to them and their quality of life.

Discover why there are benefits to both service users and staff, where data and technology can help to drive the right activity to achieve this and how to bring together lessons learnt to understand individual risks and how to overcome them.

Watch the podcast interview with Helen and Rhian


Topics covered:

  • Importance of personalised care in healthcare
  • Benefits of individualised care for both service users and staff
  • Leveraging data and technology to drive tailored care activities
  • Understanding and mitigating individual risks in care services

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