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Season 1: EP 056: Empowering Nurses in the Workplace

25 May 2023


  • Care Providers
  • Patient Safety
  • Season One

In this podcast episode, Justine Abson, our Head of Marketing, engages in an insightful discussion with Patient Safety expert Linda Buabeng. Together, they explore the significance of empowering nurses for career development, touching upon PSIRF implementation, cultural shifts, the impact of social media, and more within the healthcare realm.

In this episode of the podcast our Head of Marketing, Justine Abson, chats with Patient Safety expert, Linda Buabeng about the importance of empowering nurses to stay engaged and help them grow within their careers. Justine and Linda discuss everything from PSIRF implementation and culture shifts to the power of social media and networking, and much more!

Linda has over 15 years of experience within all areas of healthcare, starting as a paediatric nurse and then moving into the world of governance, quality, and compliance, working for King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, Cromwell Hospital, Cleveland Clinic in the UK, and RCN Leadership & Management group.

As an experienced regulatory specialist with a passion for patient safety, Linda is now focused on strategic management and leadership, helping nurses and front-line professionals to develop into senior roles, access the right information, and stay connected within the healthcare space.

If you would like to connect with Linda, please check out her LinkedIn, Instagram (@blacknursecorporate), and Twitter (@blacknursecorp1).

Watch the podcast interview with Linda and Justine  


Topics covered:

  • The importance of empowering nurses for career growth, discussing topics like PSIRF implementation and cultural shifts
  • Linda's 15-year journey: from paediatric nursing to roles in governance, quality, and compliance
  • Strategic management and leadership, guiding frontline professionals to senior roles in healthcare
  • How to stay informed and connected in the healthcare space, fostering a culture of safety and continuous improvement

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