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Season 2: EP 005: Patient Voices: Triangulating feedback at North West Surrey Integrated Care Services

16 November 2023


  • Season Two

Insights into Quality Healthcare Delivery and Collaborations

Uncover the secrets behind delivering top-tier healthcare services as Marion Shipman and Nicki-Mantel Cooper from North West Surrey Integrated Care Services (NICS) share their insights with our host, Corrina Plant.

What does it take to deliver quality healthcare across diverse health services?

In the case of North West Surrey Integrated Care Services (NICS), a GP federation leading collaborative efforts across 38 GP services, the answer lies in ensuring the quality and safety of patients in every decision made. In this week’s episode, we are joined by Marion Shipman, Head of Quality and Governance at NICS, and Nicki-Mantel Cooper, Medical Director at NICS.

Together, they delve into a range of topics – from triangulating feedback and anticipated changes linked to the CQC single framework assessment to exploring simple yet effective methods of capturing feedback.

Also expect to hear about some remarkable examples of innovative collaborations that have significantly reduced waiting times for patients. Discover the workings of GP federations as Marion and Nicki share insights into quality healthcare delivery and patient safety.

Watch the podcast interview with Marion, Nicki and Corrina


Topics covered:

  • Patient Safety: Ensuring quality decisions for diverse healthcare services
  • CQC Impact: Anticipated changes and insights into assessment frameworks
  • Feedback Strategies: Simple yet effective patient input capture methods
  • GP Federations: Insights into their crucial role in healthcare delivery and safety

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