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Season 2: EP 008: Empowering Voices: Paterson Survivor’s Battle and Triumph

25 January 2024


  • Patient Safety
  • Season Two

Join us on this episode as Sarah Jane Downing, a survivor of breast surgeon Ian Paterson’s betrayal, shares her inspiring journey of resilience and the creation of a support group that continues to empower and heal its members four years after Paterson’s conviction.

Tune in to this episode of What the HealthTech, where Justine Abson, Head of Marketing at Radar Healthcare, is in conversation with Sarah Jane Downing, a resilient survivor who transformed adversity into strength following the betrayal of breast surgeon Ian Paterson.

Sarah took initiative by establishing a support group for Paterson’s former private patients, offering a haven for mutual support, shared experiences, and real-time updates throughout the legal proceedings.

Now, almost four years post-conviction, the group remains steadfast, providing ongoing empowerment and healing.

Join us as Sarah Jane shares her personal journey, emphasising the crucial role of providing a secure platform for individuals to voice their stories, share experiences, and be heard.

To connect with Sarah Jane, reach out via saraj9downing@gmail.com or find her on LinkedIn.

Don’t miss this episode that explores resilience, empowerment, and the healing power of community.

Watch the podcast interview with Sarah Jane and Justine


Topics covered:

  • Sarah Jane's journey from betrayal to empowerment
  • Building resilience with real-time updates and shared experiences
  • Four years post-conviction, the support group thrives
  • Sarah highlights the power of safe platforms in healing journeys

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