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Communication and collaboration

The key to an open culture is communication. Within health and social care organisationsit’s no different.

Different teams may be using different systems, where it’s difficult to map across improvements when processes vary. This is why learning and improvements need to be shared between health professionals of all types, using a single central interoperable system.  

With Radar Healthcare, you get just that. We help you embed an open culture where your teams are willing to learn and work collaboratively, helping you to improve safetyoutcomes and experience. 

Our software provides one central source of truth for all quality and compliance policies within your organisation. This supports process standardisation, as well as an open culture and complete oversight of what is happening at all levels. It enables action and improvement plans to be shared throughout the teams so that everyone is on the same page. 

The analytics feature in Radar Healthcare guides great communication by clearly showing the impact that changes in your organisation are making and as it’s role-based, you’ll be assured data can only be seen by the appropriate staff. 

“We had to make sure everyone had the right information they needed, and there was only one way we were going to do that; Radar Healthcare.”
– Malling Health

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  • Encourage an open culture

  • One central system to share learning

  • Improve safety through strong communication

  • Standardise policies and procedures

  • Empower and motivate staff by showing improved care outcomes

Just a few of Radar Healthcare’s features:

Document management
Scheduled tasks and notices
Permissions by role
Trackable notices
Action and improvement plans
Forms and surveys
Automatic alerts
Speech to text

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