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Brand protection


Whether aiming to be a brand of choice or simply to avoid the damage caused by bad reviews and negative media scrutiny, brand protection is increasingly important to healthcare teams.  

Becoming known as a great place to work starts by having great ways of working.  

Radar Healthcare’s workforce compliance module provides you with assurance that your team are compliant, but also gives your team members confidence that they have the knowledge and skills to deliver the best care possible

Efficient processes underpinned by state-of-the-art technology should also play an important role in your brand protection strategy. Complaints and compliments can be recorded easily too, encouraging your team to build a culture of learning and improvement while also boosting morale by sharing compliments 

If learnings do arise, Radar Healthcare provides the communication tools you need to share corrections and best practice effectively – before one slip becomes the norm.  

All of this works together to provide you, your regulators, and the people you serve the assurance that the things that should be happening, are happening. Resulting in the best regulation ratings, great reviews, and a positive company reputation.

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  • Attract the best team members

  • Record complaints and compliments simply

  • Improve reviews and regulation ratings

  • Share best practice effectively

  • Become a brand of choice

Just a few of Radar Healthcare’s features:

Digital evidence
Satisfaction surveys
Automatic alerts
Improvement plans
Central dashboard
Innovative functionality

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