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Employee Takeover: Ellie Jordan

05 April 2022

Radar Healthcare prides itself on providing the best solutions for healthcare organisations, but how much do you know about our staff? You might know Ellie Jordan as your Customer Success Manager – get to know her more in our quick interview!

What is your role at Radar Healthcare?
I joined Radar Healthcare in 2018 as a Product Specialist. This was a new role looking after our ever-growing customer base, delivering training and producing and managing our support content – written guides, videos and in-system content.

Since then, as Radar Healthcare has grown, my role adapted and in 2021, I became a Customer Success Manager. My role focusses on supporting our customers, ensuring that they are getting the most out of Radar Healthcare, helping them achieve their goals and objectives, troubleshooting and supporting with any problems they may have.

I have been recently been appointed to start a new role as Radar Healthcare’s Product Owner, another new position created due to our ongoing growth and expansion! I have not yet started this role, but can’t wait to get involved and have a more active role in the development of the product itself.

Could you tell us what a typical day at Radar Healthcare looks like?
My day is typically made up of various customer calls and meetings. I start the day by reviewing incoming emails and support tickets, picking up any urgent correspondence and organising the rest for action. I attend regular review calls with ‘in-life’ customers, either weekly, monthly or quarterly, depending on the partner and the account’s status.

I also join on Projects calls with new customers, providing support for the PMs where needed, and helping ensure the project doesn’t deviate from the customer’s overarching goals and reasons for purchase. Being involved in new customers from the start is a really useful way to get to know the account and how they will be using the system, enabling a much better relationship and partnership moving forward into BAU.

What is something unique about working at Radar Healthcare?
Radar Healthcare has grown massively just in my time here, and it is extremely exciting to see how much it is still continuing to grow. Being part of a young company and not only witnessing but being an integral cog in the growth of a company is definitely rewarding.

I have also been able to grow with the company. My manager from day one was very supportive around my own career development and as the company has grown, opportunities have opened up enabling me to move in the career direction I would like, i.e., into the Product Owner role.

The company is also very supportive, with a flat hierarchy in the sense that even those in senior management are very approachable and everyone in the company is listened to equally, regardless of role. A breath of fresh air! (Check Glassdoor for more great reviews!)

Describe Radar Healthcare’s company culture in three words.
This is definitely the hardest question! Enthusiastic, Collaborative, Supportive.

Outside of working at Radar Healthcare what do you enjoy?
I love all things theatre and am Musical Director for a local amateur dramatics’ society. We produce 2 shows a year and are currently working on our upcoming murder mystery comedy. I source the music, write lyrics where needed and run the song and dance rehearsals. I love singing and treading the boards and always take an active role on stage as well!

In addition to this I have a horse and have ridden since childhood. I don’t compete or do anything too serious, just enjoy my time at the yard and getting out and about in the summer. And finally, I became a mum back in 2020, which is now a big part of who I am. I love sharing my passions with my daughter and watching her grow and become her own little person!