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Patient Transport

Case Study: E-zec Medical Transport Services

E-zec Medical Transport services is the largest independent provider of Non-Emergency Patient Transport Services in the UK, and is a business focused on delivering high quality, safe, and effective ambulance transportation to service users transferring to and from healthcare settings.

Radar Healthcare recently had the pleasure of speaking with Anna Prowse, Head of Quality Compliance and Health and Safety, Marieann Davies, Patient Experience Manager, and Rachel Southwood, Communications Manager, about how Radar Healthcare has helped E-zec transition its processes from manual ways of working to an immersive, digital platform and how this has benefited their business.

Radar Healthcare is pivotal to our smooth business operations.

Rachel Southwood, Communications Manager at E-zec

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Primary reasons for adopting Radar Healthcare

E-zec adopted Radar Healthcare in April 2020 with the primary intention of improving its quality and compliance processes. E-zec wanted to become more compliant with auditing, recognising and managing risks, recording incidents and events, reporting, and distributing tasks.

Previously E-zec was working across a range of Microsoft Excel spreadsheets and recognised the importance of centralising its system for better communication and efficiency across the whole business. E-zec decided to look for an affordable solution that allowed it to complete, manage, and monitor all of its quality and compliance processes in one main area. This was because E-zec’s team consists of many different roles and responsibilities it was vital that the software it adopted came with the flexibility to apply a range of different access permissions and views – all of which they found with Radar Healthcare.

The primary driver was to get everything in one place and have this really unique opportunity to learn and develop as a team, which is what Radar Healthcare has provided us with. We recognised that the cost of the software far outweighed everything we got from it. We now have a centralised quality system, risk management system, document management system, auditing functionality, and scheduled tasks all in one place. It has just been incredible for us; it has been a phenomenal change.

Anna Prowse, Head of Quality Compliance and Health and Safety at E-zec

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Supporting employees and boosting morale

One of E-zec’s core message is ‘We listen. We learn. And we adapt’ and Radar Healthcare’s solution helps support this Value. E-zec has implemented Radar’s auditing, risk management, incident and event management, document management and business compliance modules, alongside the analytics module, allowing E-zec full insight into its compliance and quality processes, as well as a clearer understanding of its performance within each area.

Wow, I couldn’t even imagine doing my role at E-zec without Radar Healthcare anymore, I really couldn’t.

Anna Prowse, Head of Quality Compliance and Health and Safety at E-zec

E-zec prides itself in providing support to all the employees at all times and in all areas. This is done digitally, through physical documentation, and through ongoing conversations. Information about Radar Healthcare’s software is included in all their leaflets and posters. It is also committed to running weekly and monthly review sessions with its management teams, to ensure that everyone is making the most of the software’s functionality and to offer any additional support to anyone who needs it.

Radar Healthcare isn’t just there for ‘E-zec,’ it is there for us all as individuals, as managers, as leaders, and to help improve how we work. Our colleagues are really seeing the benefits of using it now, because it has revolutionised quality, compliance and risk management for E-zec.

Anna Prowse, Head of Quality Compliance and Health and Safety at E-zec

Anna continued to tell us about how E-zec has been making use of the user access section within the analytics, to easily identify who needs additional support. From this data it has implemented a fully functional support package, to make sure that all colleagues are getting the best out of Radar Healthcare.

Now that we have the analytics and the visibility of the user access we can easily see who is not compliant with check ins, notices, and tasks. From this we can ask questions like, what do you need, or do we need an additional tutorial session? So, the user access section on analytics has been valuable to see who needs that additional support, which is important because Radar Healthcare is there to help them and encourage them to work more efficiently.

Anna Prowse, Head of Quality Compliance and Health and Safety at E-zec

E-zec continually uses Radar Healthcare as a way of boosting morale and highlighting its colleagues’ achievements, by actively using our compliments module. Recording positive work, as well as concerns, gives the wider team the opportunity to recognise, praise and reflect on all its hard work.

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Innovative ways of using QR codes, patient feedback forms, and Radar Healthcare

Anna and her team recently did some research with E-zec’s two commissioning groups that looked at the questions that they were asking their patients after they had used their service. After comparing its questions and answers to the NHS and FFT (Friend and Family Testing) guidance, the team realised that it was not meeting the requirements and guidelines as well as it wanted or could do. From this stemmed the innovative idea of implementing QR codes as a way of quickly collecting and capturing customer feedback.

The QR codes are located on a range of materials like patient leaflets, posters and other documents that are easily accessible to E-zec’s patients, and the QR code link directly leads to the patient survey form. The answers are then centralised into Radar Healthcare, ready to be processed and reported on.

So far, the combined strategy of using contractual phone calls and QR codes has successfully delivered in excess of 500 patient feedback forms each month, giving E-zec a much clearer idea of how its service is performing.

Radar Healthcare allows us to centralise all the answers from the patient survey forms – and obviously because Radar Healthcare has a really amazing reporting mechanism, we can report fast on all our patient experiences and learn from that. This again supports how we are constantly listening, learning, and developing.

Anna Prowse, Head of Quality Compliance and Health and Safety at E-zec

After seeing the benefits of using QR codes first hand, E-zec decided to implement them into the business to further support employees. E-zec will now have QR codes for Radar Healthcare printed onto colleague ID badges, as a quick and uncomplicated way to access log ins and encourage use of the software on the go.

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