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Radar Healthcare’s Risk Software

Are you struggling to keep on top of the risks in your organisation that could prevent you from delivering high-quality care?

Radar Healthcare’s cloud-based risk management software is highly configurable to your organisation’s risks, while also helping you keep on top of other regulatory compliance issues like incidents and events.

With fully configurable risk registers and integrated action plans, you can evidence improvements in service user and patient safety much more simply.

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    Key features:

    A ‘big picture’ view

    Radar Healthcare’s risk management system provides the ability to add supporting documents and evidence, including smart links to other risks and events.

    Customisable risk matrix

    Instead of having to fit your processes to a system, Radar Healthcare allows you to tailor your risk matrix to your healthcare organisation’s needs and risk appetite.

    Sophisticated, yet simple to use analytics

    Utilise our state-of-the-art risk register analytics, including artificial intelligence, smart KPIs and machine learning to gain a deep insight into how your organisation is working.

    Putting a risk management system to tender made us realise what technology is available out there beyond the usual two providers.

    Stephen Thomson, Associate Director of Integrated Governance at Somerset NHS Foundation Trust

    Why Radar Healthcare?

    When choosing your risk management system, it’s not only the system you’re selecting, but also the other aspects which come along with it. We truly believe that when starting out with new customers, we’re working with you, not handing over software and walking away. We listen to feedback from our customers and encourage it with our ideas forum. This way we ensure we’re always providing you with what you need through an ever-evolving product. 

    1. The product: our risk management software fits around your organisation and processes, strengthening rather than re-writing them. Our risk registers are fully configurable and bring all your complex processes into one easy to use system, enabling you to be proactive rather than reactive when it comes to risk. This then helps enhance safety and your CQC ratings. Our product is also hosted on the cloud so you can be confident that you’re always using the latest version.
    2. The supplier: our customers rated us a Net Promoter Score of 38, placing us above average in our industry (30) when it comes to customer experience. An overwhelming 98% said Radar Healthcare were responsive when they contacted our support team. Is your current provider this responsive?
    3. Onboarding: we know that introducing new software in a company can be daunting, and difficult to get everyone on board. That’s why we help as much as we can, by training up your super users and providing you with any materials needed.

    “It’s changed the way we work, and we’ve had fantastic support from the Radar Healthcare team who are very personable and have provided helpful guidance and ongoing support.”
    – Signature Senior Lifestyle

    1. Ongoing support: we’re always there for our customers. Working in partnership with you is the key to success and improved safety and we will support and advise you wherever needed.

    “We couldn’t have faulted anything Radar Healthcare did, they were perfect”
    – Walsingham Support

    Challenge your current system and if it’s not up to scratch, join Radar Healthcare.