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Revolutionise your audits with our new marketing-leading Audits Management Module

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Powerful Healthcare Business Intelligence

Are you making improvements in your healthcare organisation but struggling to track and demonstrate the results?

Radar Healthcare’s analytics software takes your data and presents it in easy to understand dashboards so that you can concentrate on improving patient or service user quality of care.


See what our analytics can do for you...


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Part of a powerful suite

Backed by artificial intelligence, machine learning and predictive modelling, our software will bring you to a whole new level of business intelligence in healthcare. Containing a suite of modules aimed to help with risk and compliance issues, Radar Healthcare helps to drive improvements in the quality of care for organisations in the healthcare industry. Our analytics module ties into these to provide the next generation of compliance reporting in healthcare.

We know that one size doesn’t fit all, so you can choose between our product modules to suit your organisation’s objectives and needs:

Incident management
Workforce compliance
Action and improvement plans
Document management
Risk assessments and management
Business compliance

It’s great we’re making data more accessible for different people across our organisation and the feedback is positive. Within 12 months from starting the implementation process we have a set of settled dashboards which we can continue to refine as we evolve.

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Predict future events

Our healthcare predictive analytics software allows you to shift to proactively managing risks rather than reacting after something has happened. In turn, this should help with reduced costs and improved service user or patient satisfaction.

For example, you may be inputting lots of falls into the system through the events and incidents module, and the AI detects a pattern that the falls seem to be happening in a certain location where you have less staff. Radar Healthcare can not only highlight this problem but also help understand the likelihood of this happening again if you don’t take action. On top of this, it can trigger tasks that are automatically sent to those who need to carry them out.

Predictive analytics in healthcare means you don’t need to rely on long reporting processes which may cause resulting actions to be too late.

Key features

If you’re considering powerful analytics tools to help with your organisation’s risk, quality and compliance, look no further:

  • Easy to digest dashboards to see your data and spot patterns
  • Actions are automatically triggered when your data flags an issue
  • Save time on reporting
  • Set KPIs and monitor these through AI and machine learning, complete with notifications of your choice
  • Predictive analytics so you can work proactively rather than reactively to risk