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Supplying the NHS with software compliant for Learn from Patient Safety Events (LFPSE)

26 July 2021


  • Patient Safety

We were proud to be the first supplier to pass the LFPSE testing with NHS Improvement, and now we’re supporting NHS teams to move to our modern, cloud-based incident reporting system so that they meet the new requirements. 


Establishing a culture with patient safety at its core 


The ultimate goal is to gain insight which allows learning and improvement. The way to do this is for the NHS to remove a culture of blame so that staff feel secure and supported to speak out honestly. The LFPSE service is there to support providers in offering improved care. 


Gathering insight across healthcare 


About 75% of reporting to the NRLS and StEIS was from the hospital sector. With LFPSE, recording safety events will be easier for a wider range of healthcare teams by introducing online forms and a dedicated portal to review and update previous incidents.  

LFPSE will allow access to data submitted by teams and therefore support local safety improvements and improved cultures. A specific service will also be offered to patients and families. 


Outdated technology will no longer cut it 


LFPSE requires replacement of outdated technology that is more focused on learning, and it must be cloud-based. This is where Radar Healthcare come in. Our incident and risk management system is cloud-based and fully LFPSE compliant: 

  • Use standardised LFPSE forms that automatically update to match LFPSE latest version 
  • Automatically manage the submission of reportable events 
  • Remove any requirements for mapping and manual maintenance overheads 
  • Ability to set specific event types as reportable to LFPSE 
  • Ability to set a location as reportable to LFPSE – this is for those who may only provide NHS services at specific locations 


Here’s the key for changing systems  

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