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Season 1: EP 055: Listening and Learning to Improve Patient Safety

11 May 2023


  • Healthtech
  • Patient Safety
  • Season One

Harnessing Compassion: A Conversation on Patient-Centered Healthcare with Matthew Riley

Dive into a candid conversation with Matthew Riley, a seasoned representative from Bradford District Care NHS Foundation Trust. He joins Justine Abson on the podcast as they discuss the vital role of empathetic communication in mental health support. Explore broader healthcare topics, from virtual wards to IoT devices. It’s a journey of understanding and advocacy for compassionate healthcare experiences.

This week, Justine Abson hosts What the HealthTech and she is joined by Matthew Riley, a dedicated patient and care representative with over five years of experience at Bradford District Care NHS Foundation Trust.

Matthew brings a wealth of insights from his experience as a patient and carer in both physical and mental health services. His passion lies in elevating the voices of patients and carers, advocating for empathetic, accessible, and personalised communication, and promoting continuous learning from care experiences.

Justine and Matthew delve into the crucial aspect of non-judgmental communication tailored to individual needs, emphasising its significance in supporting individuals dealing with mental health challenges. The episode goes beyond this, touching upon topics such as health inequalities, virtual wards, IoT devices, and more.

For those seeking support, valuable advice, and a comprehensive list of services, visit the Mental Health Foundation’s Get Help resource page.

Explore more about Matthew and his impactful work by following him on X (Twitter).

Watch the podcast interview with Matthew and Justine  

Topics covered:

  • Empathetic communication in mental health support
  • Addressing health inequalities in healthcare
  • Exploring virtual wards in patient care
  • Navigating the impact of IoT devices on healthcare services

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