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Radar Healthcare vs. other solutions

Radar Healthcare vs. other incident, risk and compliance solutions 

Introducing Radar Healthcare, the leading provider of incident, risk, and compliance solutions for healthcare organisations. Unlike other solutions on the market, we are dedicated exclusively to the healthcare industry, ensuring that our platform is tailored to meet the unique challenges and regulatory requirements faced by healthcare providers.  

With Radar Healthcare, you can streamline your incident management processes, proactively identify and mitigate risks, and effortlessly maintain compliance with industry standards and regulations. Our intuitive and user-friendly interface, combined with powerful analytics and reporting capabilities, empowers your organisation to make data-driven decisions and drive continuous improvement.  

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    Experience the difference with Radar Healthcare and take control of your incident, risk, and compliance management in the ever-evolving healthcare landscape. 

    Feature List Other Suppliers Radar Healthcare

    Multi-device friendly

    allowing you take the software anywhere


    ensures the software is always up-to-date with the latest version and features


    keep track of and carry out audits, while evidencing digitally

    State of the art analytics

    intelligent analytics enables users to easily analyse data

    Ongoing support

    expert team on hand to help throughout your whole contract

    Business compliance

    track and manage location based tasks and recurring checks

    Claims administration

    report any claims and ensure they’re followed up appropriately


    the software is flexible to fit around your processes, not the other way round


    log every complaint and compliment and link them to action plans

    User centred design

    the software is built by users, with users

    Incident management

    automatically triggered actions when an incident is logged

    Risk registers

    identify, track and manage risks that could threaten your business model


    store and manage documents and policies for easy access at any time

    Digital adoption platform

    an in-built help guide on the software to help you navigate

    Build your own dashboards

    customise your reporting with an overview of the elements that you choose

    We're trusted by over 70,000 users

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    Hear from some of our happy customers

    Radar Healthcare has revolutionised how we can monitor the quality of our services through auditing. It’s made life easier for our homes by having all policies in one place.

    Katie Smith, Operations and Project Lead at Advinia

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    ‘Previously, we used spreadsheets, so you had a lot of emails circulating, which often resulted in wasted time trying to find them. In contrast to Radar Healthcare, everything is in one place, and you have a record of what was done, when, by whom, and how your investigation was handled. And I think that's crucial for reporting’

    Lesley Quinn, Clinical Services Governance Manager, BEDOC

    Being able to use data analytics to give us a real-time view and get ahead of the curve when it comes to something that could become an issue in one of our care homes will be a real benefit to our organisation.

    Antony Hall, Director of Insights, Assurance and Governance, HC-One

    A complete solution for incidents, risk and compliance

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      Better 'report and act' on incidents and events

    • Icon for Make auditing easier and more valuable

      Make auditing easier and more valuable

    • Icon for Reduce risks and improve care quality

      Reduce risks and improve care quality

    • Icon for Encourage continuous improvement

      Encourage continuous improvement

    • Icon for Easily access, store and manage documents

      Easily access, store and manage documents

    • Icon for Easily make data-driven decisions

      Easily make data-driven decisions

    • Icon for Better understand your workforce’s needs

      Better understand your workforce’s needs


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