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Revolutionise your audits with our new marketing-leading Audits Management Module

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Governance and assurance

An open and honest organisational culture is critical for good governance. But in order to improve the quality and safety in your organisationyou need every piece of the puzzle. 

Quality assurance comes from knowing all your systems and processes are being used and followed correctly. Radar Healthcare allows you to do just this by ensuring all staff are taking every required step in each process – no matter how many staff or locations you manage. 

Our workforce compliance module gives you the peace of mind that all of your staff are up to date on any training and compliance requirements. Manage audits in one place so that you can see processes are being followed correctly and KPIs are being reached. If not, put action plans in place to ensure these are being hit.

Radar Healthcare’s state of the art analytics provides in-depth information boasted with AI and machine learning. This means you can see data from an organisational view as well as individual locations to help drive informed decisions. 

With Radar Healthcare, nothing gets missed or pushed back, it’ll ensure you’re on top of everything and driving improvements at the same time. 

“Radar Healthcare has given assurance that we wouldn’t have otherwise; an overarching view of all services without even needing to leave the door.”
– Malling Health

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  • Gain assurance regulatory requirements are met

  • Full visibility for informed decision making

  • Ensure staff training is up to date

  • Nothing is missed with automated action plans

  • Enforce standardised processes and be assured any processes create results

Just a few of Radar Healthcare’s features:

Risk register
Audit trail
Central dashboard
Data insights
Read notifications
Report builder
Permissions by role
Incident and action plans

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